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WhatsApp Transparent APK Download V17.4 Latest Version (Official)
App Name WhatsApp Transparent
Publisher APK GURU
Genre Communication
Size 42.72 MB
Latest Version V17.4
Required 4.4+
MOD Free
Developer Naeem Ahmed
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Update 11 hours ago
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WhatsApp Transparent APK

You don’t have to explain anything about WhatsApp, as you know, Download WhatsApp APK is one of the biggest platforms to chat and share photos, videos, live location, and other exciting things. WhatsApp Transparent APK Download is a modified version of WhatsApp developed by GBPlus developers. It has been making revised versions over the years, and these revised versions have enabled people to get better features than the original WhatsApp applications.

Previously modified versions are packed with exciting features, but some users have complained that there are various bugs and viruses in these versions. This is the latest version of WhatsApp APK Download the latest version of GBPlus APK. There, we’ve done our best to reduce errors and viruses as much as possible, and it also has anti-ban features.

What is WhatsApp Transparent?

Now, in the future, WhatsApp Transparency has made the latest change to make users better with a WhatsApp mod. The application engineer is responsible for updating WhatsApp Mods. It also has a handy mode with great features.

Adjustments when modifying APKs are not available on Google Play. They are designed to change the look of your WhatsApp messages. This way you will also enjoy good looks in addition to regular conversations and messages.

Why do you want to download transparent WhatsApp? Considering that WhatsApp Transparency is the latest and most fashionable, and therefore has fewer bugs and flaws as compared to the previous modes. It also has a wider feature list than other WhatsApp mods. It also has better performance. Before you decide to quit or download, keep reading the features of this mod so you can make an informed decision.

Many sites provide the latest transparent WhatsApp APK; however, most do not perform well. However, we provide regular updates. Make it a habit to check for updates on this page each time by simply clicking the last download button.

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What is Special About Transparent WhatsApp APK?

The question arises what is so great about Downloading WhatsApp from WhatsApp Transparent and why you should download this app on your mobile phone? The answer is very simple that this modified version of WhatsApp can do many things on your phone that the regular version does not support. This newer version with special features also fixes viruses and bugs. And the performance is superb, so why not install this transparent version of WhatsApp APK GB Plus and enjoy the exciting features without slowing down the performance of the mobile phone?

WhatsApp Transparent APK Information

When we develop an app, we will try to provide the best information so that we know everything about the app and in this section the transparent WhatsApp app, version, Android, and their update required to download the app. It needs the correct version of Android to work and if you do not have an Android version with the same compatibility, this app is not for you and we recommend that you do not download the app.

APK Functions

WhatsApp garden Apk Download GBPlus has many exciting features that will convince us to download this app to our mobile phones. The functions are better than previous versions. The following features have been reduced:

  • There is a mirror presence in WhatsApp
  • There is the presence of a transparent screen
  • Having a variety of topics
  • Do not disturb the activation mode
  • It has better performance
  • Cancellation features
  • Personalization options to customize calls and notifications
  • Send large files using the transparent WhatsApp APK GB Plus
  • Privacy options have been improved, such as hiding your online status
  • Hidden functions have been improved
  • You can send files larger than 1 GB
  • You can send great videos to your friends
  • Audio up to 100MB can be sent via the transparent WhatsApp GB Plus APK

If you have read the above information about this app and your phone is compatible with the Android version of an app, then this app is for you. You can easily install this application from the download link on our site. Click the download link and install this app on your mobile phone to enjoy the cool features of WhatsApp Transparent GB plus APK.


Below is a full explanation of the transparent and enhanced functions of the transparent WhatsApp GB Plus APK. You can get these features before downloading this modified version to your phone.

Performance and User Interface Have Been Improved

Transparent WhatsApp has improved features and efficiency as before. This is one of the best versions of WhatsApp built to date and the interface options work very well. It allows you to work smoothly without having to hang up your phone often and generally performs great for photo sharing, video downloads, and status updates.

Better Privacy Features

WhatsApp Transparent has better privacy options than ever before. You can hide your privacy status and online status. You can stay online on WhatsApp without your friends knowing you are online. It allows you to hide the status online if you want to switch to WhatsApp without chatting and replying to your friends. It also has the ability to hide blue text, which means you can read messages without blue text. This is one of the best privacy options and we are forced to download WhatsApp mobile GPS plus APK to our mobile phones.

Better Customization and On a Larger Scale

It allows better personalization and file transfer to a larger size, and you can customize conversations and flag important messages. It also allows you to send files in larger sizes. It was previously impossible to send large files in all previous versions of WhatsApp Plus, but the clear APK version of WhatsApp works better and is great for sending large files.

How do we talk about functions? WhatsApp Transparent has all the features of GBWhatsApp with better performance and ease of use. So here is a summary of the features you can check out and try for yourself.

  • Performance has improved
  • Mirror WhatsApp
  • Transparent screen
  • User interface has been improved
  • Better protection functions
  • The adjustment needs to be made on a larger scale.
  • Scope features have been improved
  • DND mode and a better framework against the boycott
  • New topics are available
  • We can distribute 1Gb records individually.
  • Recordings can be shared on a larger scale.
  • The enemies did not accept the message and the situation improved

So here you are and congratulations on downloading the latest and most amazing mod from WhatsApp. We also provide a quick method to download the APK from our site, compared to some of the winning sites.

Performance and User Interface Have Been Improved

The overall performance of the WhatsApp Transparent app improves better than before. Chatting with friends, sending photos and recording is easier than ever. Also, the main concern for the “UI” has been improved to a more modern look. WhatsApp Transparent APK is the best mod.

Hidden Functions Have Been Improved

It has features to improve the hidden status, but you need to be careful when using these features because WhatsApp may prohibit you from using these features frequently. These videos include hiding your status online, not leaving a second character, reading unmarked messages to turn blue, properly hiding date and time status, copying and sending a message to your friend. You can hide your presence online. You can also remove the forwarding tag in forwarded messages when using the enhanced version.

  • Hide your state of affairs from everyone's situation.
  • We can hide it's blue even when we see someone’s message in the conversation.
  • We can also hide the second character of the sent message if we use the GBWhatsApp Mod APK.
  • We can hide our status online with our active presence like GB WhatsApp.
  • Such as FMWA, YoWhatsApp, which can hide the date and time when the message is copied.
  • With WhatsApp Transparent, we can hide the forwarding label when forwarding a message from someone’s chat. Assistance in many cases.

DND Mode And Better Anti-ban System

In previous versions from third-party developers, there was no distracting mode, but transparent WhatsApp was in the GB plus APK version. If you enable this option, no one will try to interrupt you, as messages will not arrive on time until you disable interruption mode. This is definitely one of the best features available through WhatsApp transparent plus because you won't receive messages if you don't want to.

Transparent WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp and it was developed by third-party developers and unofficial WhatsApp developers. WhatsApp allows you to ban an app if it detects illegal activity. A new version of WhatsApp has a counter-ban function and the official WhatsApp developers will block you less.

Large-scale media Exchange

WhatsApp garden GB plus APK allows you to share extensive media files. Previously, you could only share 30 photos with friends, but now you can send over 100 photos at once. You can send more than one hundred MB of audio via WhatsApp. These features are very exciting so you need to download Transparent WhatsApp to your mobile phone to enjoy these great features.

WhatsApp Transparent APK Installation Guide

Below is a complete guide on how to install WhatsApp Transparent GB plus APK

Enable Unknown Resources

Please go first to your mobile phone settings before installing WhatsApp Transparent APK then go to privacy options and download us from unknown sources. After enabling these anonymous sources, you can download the app on Android devices.

Go to Downloads

After downloading from unknown sources go to the files on your mobile phone and open the transparent WhatsApp GB plus and download it there

Install the GBPlus Transparent APK

After downloading the transparent WhatsApp APK, click on that app then open the files on your phone. You can install this application. Allow this application to be installed. Once installed, you can use the functions of the transparent WhatsApp APK.

How to update WhatsApp Transparent APK?

If you need to download WhatsApp transfer GB plus APK, then you should be free from the hassle of updating WhatsApp clearly. This is not an official WhatsApp app and it was developed by external users. Not available in the Google Play Store and users need to download directly from the web. All the installation instructions are outlined above and you don’t have to worry about updating WhatsApp Transparent Gb plus APK because it will be downloaded automatically as soon as you update the Google Play Store. You can click this update option on the web and your application will be updated.


Is GB Plus APK Safe?

We talked about the transparent WhatsApp GBPlus and we are sure that it is virus-free and 100% safe so you can easily download this app to your mobile phones without damaging your device. Don't worry about the security of this device as it doesn't threaten other apps running on your phone or mobile phone.

Am I not allowed to use GBPlus?

GB plus was not developed by WhatsApp developers and it was developed by third-party developers. It is usually forbidden to use GB Plus if you use a privacy photo more often. It is therefore recommended that you do not use this function more often because WhatsApp may detect this app and prevent its use. It is also advised to use temporary cell phones when using GB plus, although it is forbidden to avoid major damage.

Which GBWhatsApp or GBPlus is Better?

The transparent GB plus is better than OGWA with many enhanced features, no distracting modes, hidden online status, no reading messages without turning blue checkmarks. If you want to install between the two, we recommend downloading GB plus which is better than GBWA.

Why is GBPlus not in the Google Play Store?

The GB plus app was not developed by the official WhatsApp developers and was developed by external users, so it is not in the Google Play Store. You need to download the GB plus key from the internet and not from the Google Play Store as it is not available there.

Is WhatsApp Transparent Secure?

Now when we talk about gadgets, WhatsApp Transparent is 100% safe. It does not need to be run by third parties and it does not contain malware that could harm your device. You don’t need any stress, as we don’t offer trusted MOTs.

Am I not allowed to use WhatsApp Explicitly?

A good question to consider. Most WhatsApp mods allow your WhatsApp account to be banned. Try to diversify the account you registered with the original WhatsApp to avoid accidents.

The Final Verdict

You don't have to tolerate the sad look of WhatsApp or even worry about privacy. All your problems with other old mods are also addressed by WhatsApp Transparent, the latest. Take the time to download and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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