WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK (For Android)

WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK
App Name WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK
Publisher APK GURU
Genre Communication
Size 67 MB
Latest Version v1.93
Required 4.4 +
MOD For Android
Developer Zippyshare
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Update few seconds ago
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67 MB

WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK

WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK is a popular alternative version of the original WhatsApp application. This MOD app comes with exciting features and functionalities that provide an enhanced messaging experience to its users. In this discussion, we are going to talk about the benefits and features of WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK. This is a modified version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp, which offers several additional features and customization options that are not available in the original app.

If you are looking for a way to make your WhatsApp experience more personalized and convenient, then you should definitely check out WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK.

What is WhatsApp Plus Reborn Apk?

The latest version of WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK comes with additional features that users love. This social messaging platform allows you to chat, make audio and video calls, and share different types of files such as MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, PDFs, GIFs, images, audios, videos, and more. A remarkable feature is the ability to share larger files than the original version.

WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK 2

What is WhatsApp Plus Reborn Mod Apk?

WhatsApp Plus Reborn Mod APK allows you to send messages, multimedia content, and create group chats of up to 50 participants. The app includes the same emoticons as the original WhatsApp application. However, unlike the original app, banning is blocked in WhatsApp Plus Reborn Mod APK.

The app also provides users with a wide range of templates to design their own themes, and even allows users to change the color of the notification icon. With this app, you can hide your online status, ensuring greater privacy while using the app.

What Are Best Features Of the WhatsApp Plus Reborn Mod Apk?

Customization Options

WhatsApp Plus Reborn is designed to provide users with a high level of customization. It offers a wide range of customization options that allow you to change the color, font, and style of various elements within the app. You can even customize the chat screen, conversation bubbles, and notification bar. Plus, there are several themes available that you can use to completely transform the look and feel of WhatsApp.

Media Sharing

WhatsApp Plus Reborn also comes with enhanced media sharing capabilities. You can send large files of up to 50MB in size, as well as share high-quality photos and videos without any compression. Plus, you can also send more than 10 images at once. This makes it easy to share media with your friends and family, without worrying about size limits or quality loss.


One issue with many WhatsApp mods is that they can result in a ban from the official app. However, WhatsApp Plus Reborn has an anti-ban feature built in, which makes it much less likely that you'll be banned from using the app. This means that you can use WhatsApp Plus Reborn without worrying about being locked out of the app or losing your data.

Privacy Features

WhatsApp Plus Reborn is also designed to provide users with enhanced privacy features. For example, you can hide your online status, blue ticks, writing status, and read receipts from other users. Additionally, you can choose who can see your status and profile picture. This means that you can use WhatsApp without worrying about who might be monitoring your activities.

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What's New In WhatsApp Plus Reborn Mod Apk?

Increased Privacy

The app provides enhanced privacy features such as hiding online status, writing status, and read receipt. This feature enables the user to maintain their privacy while still using the app.

Huge Collection of Wallpapers

WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK comes with a vast collection of wallpapers that users can choose from to customize their chat backgrounds.

Easy to Use

The app is user-friendly and easy to use, even for beginners. Users can navigate through the app without much hassle and enjoy its features.


WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK comes with various customization options, such as changing the background, themes, and font styles. Users can personalize the app to suit their preferences.

Better Security

The app ensures the safety of the user's data and provides better security features.


This discussion explains all about Whatsapp Plus Reborn Apk. We have talked about its specific features along with all the customization options that are available with the modded version of the app. For additional details and description, you can try out this mod and make the best of it.


Is WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK safe to use?

Yes, WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK is safe to use. However, users should download the APK file from reliable sources to avoid any security risks.

Can I use WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK on iOS devices?

No, WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK is only available for Android devices.

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