WhatsApp Omar APK (For Android)

App Name WhatsApp Omar APK
Publisher APK GURU
Genre Communication
Size 65.2 MB
Latest Version v46
Required 4.4 +
MOD For Android
Developer Omar Badib
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Update 3 hours ago
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WhatsApp Omar Apk

In 2023 WhatsApp will be accessible on a variety of gadgets. Except for short messages and greater, the application is free to use and does not impose a monthly price for message sending. It follows the English language format for the entire app. Due to this, an Arabic person made a newer version of this app called WhatsApp Omar APK, which has a translation for Arabic and several other languages. The Whatsapp Omar Apk is also downloadable from various platforms.

Everybody is amazed by this app because Arabic and many other languages are translated online via the Whatsapp Omar apk. Individuals who reside in the Middle East but do not speak Arabic might use this version of WhatsApp to do their work quickly. The WhatsApp app offers automatic message recovery. In case you want to learn more about WhatsApp Omar Apk, here is everything for you.

What is WhatsApp Omar Apk?

WhatsApp of Omar Badib The customized version of WhatsApp is called Omar. WhatsApp Omar Blue, OB WhatsApp in Burgundy, WhatsApp Omar Pink, and WhatsApp Omar Green are just a few of the four various color options for WhatsApp Omar that are offered to the users. Users can modify the interface and theme according to their choice.

What is WhatsApp Omar Mod Apk?

The Whatsapp Omar Mod Apk is an even better and enhanced version of this app. There are numerous color schemes and emojis available. It is specially designed for Arabic-speaking nations and offers several customization choices for the users as their custom selection. With Whatsapp Omar mod Apk, there are more than ten different font styles accessible.

What Are The Best Features of WhatsApp Omar Mod Apk?

Following are the best features of Whatsapp Omar Apk.

Schedule & Auto Reply Messages

You can program an auto-reply to be sent to your pals when you are too busy to respond to their messages. Also, you can arrange for one of your pals to get your messages at a particular time.

Pre-Listening To And Sending Audio Notes

Have you ever questioned whether you ought to deliver that voicemail sooner? Or, have you ever wished you could have talked more subtly during the audio recording of Omar and you having a WhatsApp chat rather than hurriedly sending a rapid reply? When sending a voice message to a contact, you may now use WhatsApp's new functionality to hear it first.

Your Notifications Management

In order to prevent you from becoming frustrated by too many alerts, OBWhatsApp lets you control when the app can inform you. You may decide, for instance, whether you want the app to alert you when one of your friends updates their profile picture, and so forth.

What's New In WhatsApp Omar Mod Apk?

With the latest updates, you get to see the following new features in Whatsapp Omar Mod Apk.

Moderators' Capacity To Delete Members' Messages

The capability for moderators to erase messages from chat in groups for anybody in the conversation is one of the nicest new features that have recently been added to WhatsApp Omar mod Apk. They can also delete any text messages.

Capacity To Hear Voicemails Outside Of Chat

Users of WhatsApp are able to record messages and listen to them outside of chat or without participating in the conversation, thanks to a function called playing audio recordings outside of chat. Without forcing it, you can speak and engage in other activities.

Pause And Restart Recording

When recording is turned on, you can pause and resume it simultaneously in the same discussion. You can do the same in all other WhatsApp users' conversations as well. If you are using Whatsapp Omar Apk, you can start a customized voicemail. That applies to all individual conversations as well as group voice messages. You can pause the recording if you are busy or have something else to do and resume recording at a later time.


The Whatsapp Omar Apk is a well-known app in Middle East and South-East Asian nations. For several languages, this WhatsApp features a translation tool. This app is especially well-liked in the Middle East because to its accurate Arabic translation and support of the Arabic language in the WhatsApp theme. This training is unquestionably for you if you are an Arab.

You may try the premium features for free because it is primarily focused on Arabic countries and the Arabic language.



Is WhatsApp Omar Apk the Same as Regular WhatsApp?

Whatsapp Omar Apk and Whatsapp messenger share the same features. The only difference is that Whatsapp Omar Apk offers customization for display and theme along with Arabic language support.

Can You Use WhatsApp Omar Apk on Your Phone?

Yes, you can use Whatsapp Omar Mod Apk on your mobile device.

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