WhatsApp GO Apk (For Android)

WhatsApp GO Apk
App Name WhatsApp GO Apk
Publisher APK GURU
Genre Communication
Size 38 MB
Latest Version v0.22.2.b
Required 4.4 +
MOD For Android
Developer WhatsApp GO
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38 MB


Whatsapp keeps updating its terms and policies to provide a better user experience to everyone out there. But, there are people who prefer using third-party apps for an enhanced experience and more customization. One such app is Whatsapp GO Apk which offers all the features that most users desire these days. The WhatsApp Go Mod APK is a modified version of the popular messaging application WhatsApp.

Created by third-party developers, WhatsApp Go Mod APK offers additional features and functionalities not available in the official WhatsApp application. As with any third-party software, there are potential security risks involved. In this discussion, we will share the Whatsapp Go Apk details with you.

What is WhatsApp Go Apk?

A customized version of the official WhatsApp program is known as WhatsApp Go APK. The Google Play Store does not list it as an official app, either. WhatsApp Go APK is created by third-party developers and has additional features and functionalities compared to the official WhatsApp application.

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What is WhatsApp Go Mod Apk?

A customized version of WhatsApp Go APK is known as WhatsApp Go MOD APK. It also has other features like the ability to share bigger files and to customize the themes and the program icon. Also, it could have functions like privacy settings and anti-ban protection. You will enjoy a better chatting experience using this app as it doesn’t involve too much of technical difficulties.

Why Download WhatsApp Go MOD APK?

The Whatsapp Go Mod Apk has some more customization features. Some of the notable ones are increased file-sharing limits, anti-ban features, customization options, and privacy settings. Additionally, WhatsApp Go Mod APK allows users to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device, schedule messages and set up automatic replies.

What Are Best Features Of The WhatsApp Go Mod Apk?

Here is the list of features that this mod offers.

Expanded File Sharing Limit

Compared to the 16 MB restriction in the regular WhatsApp program, the WhatsApp Go Mod APK allows users to transfer files up to 100 MB in size.

Scheduled Messaging

Reminders and messages to people in various time zones may be sent using this function, which enables users to schedule communications to be sent at a later time.

DND (Do Not Disturb) Mode

It may turn off all incoming messages and notifications, which is helpful for those who need to focus or work without interruptions.

Two WhatsApp Accounts On The Same Device

With WhatsApp Go Mod APK, users can have two WhatsApp accounts on the same device, which can be useful for individuals who have separate personal and work accounts.

Increased Character Limit

WhatsApp Go Mod APK allows users to write status updates with up to 255 characters, which is significantly more than the official WhatsApp application's limit of 139 characters.

What's New In WhatsApp Go Mod Apk?

In addition to the features mentioned earlier, WhatsApp Go Mod APK also has some other additional features, including:


WhatsApp Go MOD APK may include features not available in the official WhatsApp application, such as the ability to send larger files, anti-ban features, and privacy options.WhatsApp Go MOD APK allows for customization of the application's appearance and features, which may not be available in the official WhatsApp application.

Enhanced Functionality

The additional features and customization options in WhatsApp Go MOD APK can enhance the overall functionality and user experience of the application.

Inbuilt App Lock

WhatsApp Go Mod APK has an inbuilt app lock feature that allows users to secure their WhatsApp conversations with a password or fingerprint.

Offline Chat Backup

WhatsApp Go Mod APK allows users to back up their chat conversations even when they are offline, which can be useful in areas with poor network connectivity.


To sum up, WhatsApp Go Mod APK includes a number of extra features and capabilities that are absent from the regular WhatsApp program. However, using such modified applications can pose potential security risks, and users should exercise caution when downloading and using them. It's always advisable to download applications from trusted sources and to read the terms and conditions carefully before use.


Is WhatsApp Go Mod APK safe to use?

Using modified versions of applications comes with potential security risks. It's always advisable to exercise caution and download applications from trusted sources.

Can I use WhatsApp Go Mod APK alongside the official WhatsApp application?

Yes, it is possible to use both applications on the same device. However, it's important to note that using both applications simultaneously may affect the performance of your device.

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