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App Name State Of Survival
Publisher APK GURU
Genre Strategy
Size 245.6 MB
Latest Version v1.18.0
Required 4.4+
MOD Free
Developer KingsGroup Holdings
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Update 13 hours ago
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State Of Survival Mod APK

State of Survival Mod Apk is a methodology game ongoing with the dystopian setting occurring a half year after the zombie infection spread to earth. The game is distributed by KingsGroup Holdings. The player will go to the Badlands, to establish their safe house for the leftover survivors.

State of Survival Mod Apk – dystopian procedure game that happens a half year after the spread of the zombie infection. The client will go to the Badlands, to establish their sanctuary for the leftover survivors. To grow the region of the fortress, the player should utilize the abilities of the saints, send them in strikes for important assets. Additionally, he will require the association of safeguard against the swarms of the strolling dead and tricky pillagers. The effective advancement of refuge will permit you to get lasting upgrades, and maybe discover a remedy against disease.

It's been a half year since the zombie end of the world started. The infection has contaminated the city. A half-year of fear, awfulness, and battling against zombies. Your companions are in a courageous battle against beasts. Assemble a city that endures rushes of zombies. Welcome to the State of Survival. Prepared for a system endurance game!


The State of Survival will bring players the most impressive survival gameplay for mobile platforms and combine with tactical elements to have a genuine experience when becoming a leader of a survival team. The player’s first task is to build a safe base, recruit survivors, get medical checks, and ultimately develop everything for a better quality of life. Meanwhile, they need to fight, explore, scout, patrol, and engage in various activities to keep the base safe from any harm. Besides protecting and growing, players can bond with other survivors and form small communities to exchange resources and necessities for the greater goods.


The game’s battle system is pure real-time strategy style, where players control combat units to the ideal positions to destroy all zombies. Moreover, the game will make things more complicated by adding the “environment” element and making every player’s trip more exciting and impressive. Depending on the environment, the player’s actions need to be careful and coordinate with the gathering of all resources. For each mission, the completion goal will be different, and the player must always become more flexible in many situations to return safely.


The base is the most important place for a player to survive for another day in a world of hopelessness. The player can build, expand, clean, and upgrade all buildings in the camp for better performance through it. Each building type has its unique uses, such as providing ammunition, food, drink, and many other scarce resources. Of course, players can build more medical stations, armory, training zones, and many other places for combat units to charge up to prepare for the next trip. When players upgrade, it will require the HQ to have the necessary level and continuously open up new content to explore and build for the base, creating a strong community for everyone.

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