Rules of Survival MOD APK 1.610177.473590 Full Version

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Rules of Survival MOD APK is a popular FPS video game on Android platform, developed and released by NetEase Games. Unlike other Royale Battle Games, Rules of Survival is designed for both Mobile and PC versions and available on Google Play Store and App Store for Free.

If you are searching for Rules of Survival MOD APK + OBB Data then you have landed on right place. Download and Install Latest Edition of Rules of Survival MOD and get OBB Data for Android along with Unlimited Coins, Auto Aim Hack and Wall Hack for Free.

Get yourself ready to Explore In-depth and Strategic Gaming Content of Rules of Survival where you have to display your shooting and survival skills to eliminate your enemies and become the Last Man Standing on Battlefields. Moreover you can invite your friends or join them to participate in different shooting challenges.



Well if you are true fan of Multi-player FPS games then Rules of Survival MOD APK would be perfect match for you. This game features super-amazing Gameplay and enables you to experience Realistic Actions on your mobile devices.

Rules of Survival offer similar features of other Royale Battle Games such as PUBG or Call of Duty. However this game involves Wide Range of Survival Challenges and Missions. You can engage yourself in Solo Battles, Teammate Battles or other Royale Battle Modes.

Feel Free to choose your favorite Weapons and Guns to take on your enemies and you can also upgrade your weapons and turn them into Lethal Killing Matches. All you need is to Master your Shooting Skills and then participate in different exciting Challenges.

Rules of Survival also features most famous Classical Royale Battle Mode in which you along with 99 others players are dropped don on deserted island. Your Ultimate goal in this Mode is to kill your enemies and become alone survival to earn the title of Champion.

Rules of Survival MOD APK

Before encountering your Enemies, you have to collect some deadly Weapons and other Life Saving Gears to ensure your own protection. Visit different locations on Map and adopt a good strategy before entering into Red Zone.

Rules of Survival offers in-depth Gameplay and you can explore hundreds on Location on Map before engaging yourself in epic battles.  Take on your Enemies and challenge them in epic shoot outs to display your super-cool shooting skills.

Moreover you can also join other Online Gamers in different Missions and Challenges. Enable Team Mode and play this game with your best buddies. Collect Weapons, Support each other, plan a strategy and take down your opposing teams to claim victory.

What’s new in Rules of Survival MOD APK

Enjoy Updated edition of Rules of Survival MOD APK to get some new gaming content and features. Remember that these New Features and Content is not available for all those players who are using Original version of this game.

Engage yourself on new Locations on Map and try some new and lethal weapons. The new gaming content involves upgraded features. Moreover, Improved Graphics and User-Interface would help you to enjoy smooth and lag-free gaming hours.

  • New Content
  • New Locations on Map
  • Upgraded Weapons and other Accessories
  • Improved Graphics
  • Bug-Fixes

Story Line

Don’t forget to pick your favorite weapons before facing your Enemies. Rules of Survival features huge variety of Weapons and other useful items. All you need is to search different locations on Map and pick all those items and accessories that could help you in hard times.

Always remember each weapon is equipped with unique powers and abilities. However you can also upgrade your weapons to increase their shooting Range. You can use Sniper Rifles to kill your enemies from far away distances.

In order to change your Location in safe and quick way you can use different vehicles. Gamers can choose multiple vehicles and ride them without any encountering your enemies. Explore different landscapes to pick valuable items.

Rules of Survival is engineered with Simple Control Mechanism and it hardly take couple of minutes to understand complete Controls system of this game. You can use Touch or Gesture Functionalities to control and navigate your Character.

Why Download Rules of Survival MOD APK

Although Rules of Survival is free to play video game and you can download this game from any gaming platform without paying any charges. However some Premium Features of this game are Locked and players have to pay some money to Unlock all features of this game.

Moreover In-game Ads and In-game Purchases would also bother many players. To solve all these you have to download Rules of Survival Modded version to get all features unlocked for Free. We ensure you that our Downloading Links are 100% safe and works efficiently with all kind of Android Devices.

  • Latest Hacked Version
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • No Grass
  • No Recoil
  • Wall Hack
  • Aimbot
  • No In-game purchases


In additions, you can also Customize your Character in the way you want. You can pick new Costumes, Hats, Shoes and other accessories for your character. You can also Unlock different characters after passing certain missions and challenges.

Currently the Creators of Rules of Survival Mod APK is offering Free of Cost playing content and you can easily download this game from Google Play Store. All you need is to Download and Install Latest Edition of Rules of Survival to get all Updated Features for free.

Rules of Survival features very powerful and attractive 3D Graphics, especially In-game environment such as rivers, mountains and coast areas looks quite realistic. Moreover the game offers incredible sound effects and makes you feel in real Survival situations.

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