Prank Payment Apk (For Andriod)

App Name Prank Payment Apk
Publisher APK GURU
Genre Entertainment
Size 64 MB
Latest Version v20.2
Required 4.4 +
MOD For Andriod
Developer The Native Citizens
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Update 32 minutes ago
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If you want to pull a fast one on your friends and family, you can use Prank Payment APK, an Android app that creates fake payment screenshots. As this is merely a mockup app for making screenshots of things like “Money Sent” or “Money Received,” it does not support any actual transactions.

These days, many young people use the prank payments app. However, using this amusing item for nefarious purposes like getting even with someone or fooling someone can get you in serious legal trouble. Therefore, you should only use it for amusement.

What is Prank payment Apk?

Prank Payment is a fascinating software with an original prank idea. Forged images of financial transactions in various payment apps are easily attainable and may be tailored to your specific needs. It's simple to fool people into thinking that the transactions they're seeing are genuine because of the tremendous detail and seemingly legitimate outcomes.

What is the Mod of Prank Payment Apk?

Prank Payment Apk download is an entertainment app that is safe and secures to download from our website. Please do not use this app for any illegal purpose because we won’t be responsible for any action done to your account. Use this app to prank your friends and show them that you have made substantial payment transactions.

Share this fantastic Prank Payment apk download with your friends so they can also have fun. Download this fun app easily with our website and start the fun. Don’t forget to remove the restrictions from your phone’s device on the mod version.


Why Download Prank Payment Apk?

Pretend to be a rich personFake Pays Money Transfer Prank allows you to pretend like a naturally rich person. You can impress everyone by showing your fake wall that you have that much money. Show fake transactions to your friends and play a prank on them. Pay counterfeit online utility bills.

We will default give you fake 1000000 $ (one million dollars) to play pranks with friends. You can transfer them.


Create a fake account that can fool your friends into thinking it’s real. It’s easy to fool your friends into thinking you’ve made a huge financial transaction with them if you use a picture from your profile. Take advantage of this technique to convince your friends that you did pull off those massive deals you’ve been bragging about. Create an identity and upload a photo to make it more credible.

Hacking Advice

Fake a payment screen capture and show it to your friends. Correct the screenshot so that it appears authentic. Please take a copy and send it along.

Downloading the Apk

Prank Payment is a breeze because of the app’s intuitive design. In addition to being straightforward, it also works wonderfully. You can easily send a screenshot of a recent financial transaction by entering the recipient’s number and clicking the generate button.

Take Screenshots

This app allows you to create a fake account and share screenshots of your “fake money” in several different apps. Make up online purchases and claim you paid with their cards to fool people.

Updates are Available

Updates have been made to this modded version to make the screenshots look more like they came from an accurate profile.

Unlock All Features

Get the full apk version of Prank Payment and gain access to all of its great features. Learn how to use all the standard methods of payment in their entirety. Use well-known payment apps to conduct fraudulent transactions.

Available at No Cost

This app can be downloaded and installed by anyone with an Android device. You can use the app’s share feature to send your friend fake screenshots of your payment transactions via WhatsApp or other social media.

Quickly and Easily Capture Screenshots

Enter the mobile number and amount, and click the generate button to create the screenshot.

It has an excellent interface that makes using and navigating the app a breeze. It’s compatible with various payment apps, including the widely used Google Pay and the lesser-known but equally valid Paytm and Amazon Pay.


What's New

  • Easy to Use
  • Free
  • No Ads
  • No Money
  • No Advertising Promotion Ads
  • Safe
  • No Subscription

How to Download Prank Payment Apk?

  1. Head to that URL and grab a copy of the prank-payment.apk.
  2. A second step is to enable Unknown Resources by going to Settings > Security > Unknown Resources.
  3. Go to your device’s File Manager, download, and tap on the APK file to begin the standard installation process.
  4. Launch the app and grant it access to everything it needs.
  5. Launch the Prank Payment App.
  6. Send the desired amount and your friend’s mobile phone number.
  7. Select the Generate Button.


Many phony payment apps are available online, but the screenshots for Prank Payment look incredibly legit. In addition, it differentiates itself from similar apps by including animation, just like legitimate payment systems.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts. Is there a scale to rate the app’s appeal? Post your responses in the space provided. Please note that we always offer each app's most recent available download link.


What is the app’s track record for dependability?

The prank payment Apk is 100% trustworthy, we promise. There is zero risk or harm to your gadget. These screenshots are not to be used in any way that breaks the law.

How do I get a bogus Paytm app?

Install the prank payment apk app by following the instructions above. If you want to play around with the prank payment apk download, make as many accounts as you like. Users can prank their friends by creating multiple accounts with fake information for each fake screenshot.

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