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App Name Pokemon Fire Red ROM
Publisher APK GURU
Genre Role Playing
Size 4.9 MB
Latest Version V1.1
Required 4.4 +
MOD Free
Developer Game Freak
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Pokemon Fire Red ROM Mod APK

Pokemon series is famous among all gaming freaks as from Pocket Monster Red and Green to Sword and Shield series, Pokemon has always delivered the best Role Playing Video Games. That’s the reason Pokemon has sold 300 million copies of their gaming series so far.

Pokemon Fire Red Version is an upgraded remake of the original Pokemon Red and Blue introduced by Nintendo for the Game Boy back in 1999. However, the latest version of Pokemon Fire Red is way more furnished with additional features.

Story Line

Pokemon Fire Red ROM Latest Version MOD APK?

Pokemon Fire Leaf is designed to provide ultimate battle modes as once you start your journey you have to fight different Pokemon on your way. By visiting different region’s cities you have to encounter Pokemon Gym Leaders to obtain Gym Badge.

In order to enter Pokemon League, you have to earn a total of 8 Gym Badges and for this, you have to defeat all Gym Leaders. During the Pokemon League, you have to face the best Pokemon trainers in the region in Elite Four Competition.


  • File Name: Pokemon - Fire Red Version (V1.1)
  • File Size: 4.9MB
  • Region: USA
  • Console: Gameboy Advance (Download Emulator)
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Total Downloads: 18,291,062

Unlike previous versions, Pokemon Fire Red released on Nintendo 3Ds Virtual Console. Moreover, this version comes out with Overhead Perspective along with Side View Battle Screen, Menu Interface, and Multi-Player options. Pokemon Fire Red is quite appealing for all Pokemon lovers as this edition provides a mixture of amazing and user-friendly features. Some of the dominating features of Pokemon Fire Red are discussed below in detail for all visitors.


Well, the Pokemon Fire Red edition is amended to provide lengthy and involving role-playing adventure to all its players. You can become Greatest Pokemon Trainer in the Land by defeating different Pokemon Trainers. Moreover, you can discover different Mysterious Characters during your journey.

Back-to-back quests, enables you to catch more Pokemon whereas you can also challenge your previous trainers to furnish your skills for high-level challenges. Moreover, you can trade your Pokemon with other players.

Battle Mode of Pokemon Fire Red turns on when you run into rival trainers or wild Pokemon. However, during such battles, you can use four different fighting actions and the balance of such actions depends on different types of Pokemon.

Before jumping into a fight, you have to check out the weaknesses of your Pokemon as different Pokemon have different fighting moves and you have to consider them according to your fighting level. For suppose you need Toughest Pokemon if you are trying to catch Tougher One.

Battle Power

Pokemon Fire Red offers you to have six Pokemon with you during any battle and you can change them at any point. By clearing different levels, the strengths and abilities of your Pokemon also increase themselves. However, you can also train your Pokemon according to your desire.

Another amazing feature available in Pokemon Fire Red is “Play On the Go” which means you can close your game at any point and you will get saved game at the same level on reopening. However, some parts of the summary sequence repeat occasionally.

Pokemon Fire Red offers brilliant graphics as you can enjoy colorful looks and characters throughout your gaming sessions. Hundreds of creatures along with next-level animation provide attractive and consistent looks.

Sound Effects

The creators of this game have also put special sound effects and opposite to previous editions the music theme is changed. The background music is also good but a little bit similar to old editions of this game.

How to Download?

Pokemon Fire Red ROM is designed for Emulator and you can download this game through the links given below. However, the links given below offer your Pokemon Fire Red in USA Language and we have tried to provide you best quality available. Furthermore, we ensure you of the following advantages of downloading Pokemon Fire Red from here.

  • 100% Risk Free from Virus or Malware
  • Product Automatic Updates notifications
  • Distributed at High Speed
  • Secure Storage Servers

Pokemon Fire Red ROM Hacks

In order to get the best and high rated Pokemon GBA ROM hacks for Fire Red Version, you can make your choice from the list given below. All these ROM hacks are compatible with your Computers and Mobile devices and you can also download them through the links below.

  • Pokemon Gaia
  • Pokemon AshGray
  • Pokemon Cloud White
  • Pokemon Liquid Crystal
  • Pokemon Fireburn

To be honest, the ROM Hacks mentioned above as not specifically listed for the Pokemon Fire Red edition. Indeed you can play different other Pokemon series through these hacks. However, all these ROM Hacks are high-rated Playable hacks with all Emulators.

Final Verdict

To be honest, Pokemon Fire Red is brilliant Pokemon game that provides unlimited Pokemon Adventure along with an amazing battle system. You can explore different regions and collect some cool and awesome Pokemon during your journey. However, you can face some hang-ups during different levels but the overall performance and graphics of this game are Super Amazing.

3.9 / 5 ( 122 votes )

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