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Pokemon game series is famous among all RPG games lovers and now the advanced generation Pokemon Emerald ROM is out in the market. Basically Pokemon Emerald ROM is the re-make of Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire but the developers of this game Nintendo’s have took their creativity to the whole next level by making several changes in their updated version.

Pokemon Emerald ROM is the 5th edition of Pokemon game series and this game is supported by 3rd generation technology which makes Pokemon Emerald ROM way better in both performance and graphics from its predecessors. If you are regular player of Pokemon games then you will definitely feel the difference of story line, graphics and characters in the latest edition of Pokemon games.

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Pokemon Emerald ROM Features

The updated edition of Pokemon Emerald comes out with latest as well as improved features. No doubt the creators of this game have delivered their level best to entertain the players of this game in best possible way. The dominating features of Pokemon Emerald are given below.

  • Opposing Pokemon Increased by 5-35 levels
  • Decapitalization
  • Generation t Attacks and Abilites
  • More options of Exploration
  • Beldum, Ralts and Gastly as new Starters
  • 386 Pokemon are available ingame
  • Improved Battle UI
  • Buffed Weaker Pokemon
  • Permanent visible Mirage tower
  • Summary about Pokemon Emerald ROM
  • More Missions
  • New Areas
  • 3D and 2D Elemnets
  • HD Graphics

Story Line

The story line of this game starts after you select your character either boy or girl. The next step is to input Name and other essential details. You have to fight for your own land and other task are including in the latest version like available in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Rom.

The main mission of this game is to win Hoenn region which is considered as the most important region of this game. In order to conquer this area you have to fight 8 different gyms and every gym has leaders and you have to defeat them all.

Join the Battles

In order to maintain your strong hold, you can join different teams including Team Magma and Team Aqua. By joining different groups you can make better world for your Pokemon but you have to join groups wisely.

The teams mentioned above are considered as most peaceful however Team Magma fights to expand more land whereas Team Aqua wants that the maximum land they have occupied should be covered by sea to benefit their Pokemon World.

Impressive Graphics
The graphics of Pokemon Emerald ROM are quite amazing and you fell in love with them. The creators of this game used best combination of graphics to dual the fun of their users. The characters have variety of outfits and you can select your characters according to your desire.

Challenge your Opponents

After defeating all 8 Gym bosses, you can get chance to challenge the main Champions of different areas. You can challenge Elite Four Champion and their Companion for fight. In order to defeat them you needs to have some advance tactics.

No doubt Poke Emerald offers you best story line and you have full freedom to challenge your opponents and take revenge. Different areas of this game are occupied by powerful groups and after defeating them you can take control of that area.

Multi-Player Mode

Like all previous editions, Pokemon Emerald provides Single as well as Multiplayer game. So you can play this game with your friends and by making strong group you can enable yourself to create better and peaceful place for your Pokemon.

The multiplayer option helps you to make maximum friends and strengthen your group. The more powerful group you make, the more land and other benefits you can get in this latest version of Pokemon Emerald.

How to Download Pokemon Emerald ROM

Pokemon Emerald Version ROM download is available @ You can download US English Version of this game at exclusively. After downloading original version of this game you have to play this game with emulator.

After downloading you can play online GBA game on desktop PC, Mobiles and Tablets with high resolution graphics. You can also download similar titles of Pokemon including Fire Red Version and Pokemon Jupiter.

Pokemon ROM Hacks

The hacks of Pokemon ROM are updated after few months so the hacks discussed below are the latest ones. For better assistance you can also visit the official sources like Discord or Poke community thread to get hacks directly.

  • Pokemon Mega Power
  • Pokemon Adventures Red Chapter
  • Pokemon Blazed Glazed
  • Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y Edition
  • Pokemon Theta Emerald EX
  • Pokemon Light Platinum
  • Pokemon Gaia
  • Pokemon Ultra Shiny Gold Sigma
  • Pokemon Glazed
  • Pokemon Ash Gray


Well before downloading this game, you have to check out whether your PC or other Emulators are compatible to this game or not. Normally this game requires real GBA hardware along with supported flashcarts to run properly.

Emulator Compatibility

  • mGBA
  • My Boy
  • GBA Runner 2
  • OpenEMu
Hardware Compatibility
  • Real GBA, GBA SP
  • Real NDS/DS Lite
  • Nintendo Switch Port
  • 3DS, Virtual Console


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