PetrolHead Traffic Quests Joyful City Driving (Free)

PetrolHead Traffic Quests Joyful City Driving MOD APK

PetrolHead: Traffic Quests is a high-end Multiplayer Racing Simulation Game on the Android platform. The game features strong Graphics along with a wide range of gaming content and user-friendly controls to meet the demands of pro-gamers.

Try your Skills behind the Wheel with PetrolHead: Traffic Quests. You are free to drive Most Expensive Racing Cars and Test your Driving Skills on the world’s deadliest roads. Your Ultimate Goal in this game is to Become the Most Success Racing Drive-by winning all competitions and tournaments.

If you are hunting for PetrolHead: Traffic Quests- Joyful City Driving MOD APK, then you are in right place. We bring you PetrolHead: Traffic Quests MOD APK  for Free. By downloading this mod, you will get access to Unlimited Money and Unlocked All Cars for Free.

Main Features

PetrolHead: Traffic Quests is a thrilling car-simulator game that provides quality gameplay. Here, you can participate in different races to Build your Career. To exhibit your skills, you can appear in Multi-player racing mode whereas you can also play this game with your best buddies in 1vs1 mode.

The game owns around 80 latest racing cars. You can pick your favorite one and hit the tracks hard. However, you have to pass specific missions and tasks to unlock some best racing beasts. In addition, you can also upgrade and customize your cars in the garage.

Feel free to visit different locations on Map. PetrolHead: Traffic Quests works on a huge open-end Map. You can explore different cities of the world and display your driving skills without following rules and regulations.

To build your Racing Career in quick time, you have to earn Badges and Trophies. For this purpose, you have to complete the Quests and appear in different races and tournaments. Badges also help you to Unlock new features of the game.

Short Review

PetrolHead: Traffic Quests is designed for Pro-Car Racers. The game provides an Unlimited Driving Experience to all players. You can use the world’s famous cars and engage yourself in breath-taking tournaments and races to build your Career.

The game offers detailed features. Gamers can participate in Single or Multi-players racing modes. Moreover, you can also customize your cars and race down the famous streets. Complete Main and Secondary missions and tasks to unlock new content and upgrade your accessories.

No doubt, the game features beautiful graphics. Especially, the sceneries and interactive environment look delightful and mechanically realistic. The control system of the game is dedicated optimized for Android devices.

What’s new in PetrolHead: Traffic Quests MOD APK

Though, PetrolHead: Traffic Quests free to play a video games and easily available on Google Play Store. However, some of the Premium Features of the game are locked. To Unlock all these features, you are advised to download and install PetrolHead: Traffic Quests MOD APK 1.7.0 from our secured downloading links.

  • Addition of Police Chase
  • New Cars
  • Latest Stickers
  • Improved Graphics.
  • Bug Fixes
4.8 / 5 ( 50 votes )

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