Pascel’s Wager MOD APK 0.5.0 [OBB Free Download & Full License]

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Pascal’s Wager MOD APK is an addictive RPG that provides extreme Dark Action with Mysterious atmosphere around you. Gamers are aimed to save Humanity by fighting various kind of Monsters to bring back Light on mother earth.

Pascel’s Wager is a paid game and you have to pay some charges to enjoy Premium version of this game. However Pascel’s Wager MOD APK enables you to get excess to main gaming content with Fixed License and OBB Data for Android for Free.

The original edition of Pascel’s Wager was first released on Xbox, PS4 and now this game has finally been released for all kind of Android devices. Pascel’s Wager offers quite detailed and amazing storyline that last nearly 20 hours along with amazing Graphics and Narrator’s voice.


New Features

It all starts after a natural disaster sank the Sun from high sky into deep ocean and never came back. People become Lunatic and the world is filled with chaos as there is no Light on Earth. At the same time a Mysterious Fog covered the whole world and conditions get worse.

Devil Powers started to conquer world and attack people to declare their supremacy. At this stage, your Role as a Hero starts and your duty is to destroy all the heroes and find a way to make the sun rise against to save the world.

Players can choose Multiple Characters to explore different hidden location on map and experience extensive storyline. Moreover you have to reveal different hidden areas on Map and fight different Bosses to protect your people.

As mentioned above, the main storyline of Pascel’s Wager looks pretty inspired from Dark Souls game and you would experience powerful and difficult bosses in this game. However this game is all about Colossus, the God who bring light to everyone.

Pascel Wager MOD APK

Short Review

Well if you have played Dark Souls or Bloodborne games series before then you might have little bit about Pascel’s Wager MOD APK. However this game offers way more improvised and advanced version along with entire new gameplay.

Colossus emits Light and clears the mysterious mist of Night and helps people to find the way of light. In order to survive the extreme darkness, people must follow the path of Colossus and fight demons to bring life normal on Earth.

Unfortunately the Colossus collapsed and the courier man named Terrence believed that his missing wife is also involved in the fall of Colossus. Terrence the real hero of this game sets his journey and explore mysterious of this dark world.

What’s new in Pascel’s Wager MOD APK

The latest Pascel’s Wager MOD APK v0.5.0 adds whole new features that are not available in original edition of this game. You are advised to download and install Modded version of this game to enjoy all Premium Features along with No In-game Purchases and Bugs Fix for Free.

  • New Characters and Combat Modes
  • Detailed 3D Maps with multiple Locations
  • Diversified NPCs
  • More powerful Sound tracks and improved Graphics
  • No In-game Purchases
  • No Ads

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