How to turn off or Restart iPhone 11, iPhone Pro, iPhone X or iPhone 12

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Well there are different scenarios in which iPhone users prefer to turn off or restart their devices. In fact, if your device gets frozen or screen becomes irresponsive, the best option for you is to restart or sometimes turn off your iPhone.

As we all know the latest iPhone models including iPhone 11, iPhone Pro, iPhone X or iPhone 12 are different in many aspects. Unlike older iPhone models that were programmed to shut down after pressing and holding the side button, the new iPhone devices use a new way to turn off and restart.

How to turn off or Restart iPhone 11, iPhone Pro, iPhone X or iPhone 12?

Indeed, the updated models of iPhone are engineered with some handy features that can help you in case of malfunctioning or if you are facing issues with Power Button. In this article, we are going to guide you how to turn off or Restart iPhone 11, iPhone Pro, iPhone X or iPhone 12.

How to Turn off iPhone through Buttons

The iPhone 11 or iPhone X are programmed to turn off through combos of side buttons. There are several ways to turn off these iPhone modes by using the buttons.

  • Press or Hold the Volume Up or the Volume Down Button and the Side Button
  • Wait until the Slide of Power Off appears on Screen


  • Press Volume Button along with Volume Down Button
  • Now Press the Side Button to access to Slide to Power Off

How to Turn off iPhone through Settings?

If you are having some troubles with button combos then you can also turn off your iPhone through setting. All you need is to carefully follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open Home Screen
  • Tap Settings
  • Now in settings, tap General
  • Search Shut down option at the bottom of General screen
  • Finally, drag the slide to Power off to the right and your device will turn off

How to Restart iPhone through Buttons

To solve minor malfunctioning issues, it is always best practice to restart your iOS device. In fact, you can restart iPhone through Buttons combos.

  • Press the Volume Up Button once
  • Now Press Volume Down Button once
  • Finally, press side button and hold it until the slide of power off appear on screen
  • Keep holding the side button down until the Apple Logo appear on screen

How to turn On iPhone?

The method of Turn on all iPhone models is always same. All you need is to Press the side button and keep holding the button until the Apple Logo appears on your screen.

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