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Mobile Topographer Pro MOD APK

Versatile Topographer Pro is an expert specialty application that will be of extraordinary assistance to any assessor. As a fledgling and as of now with experience behind it. They will actually want to extraordinarily disentangle their lives and quicken each interaction.

Demonstrating in 3D scenes, gathering landscape data, making forms, planning maps, making courses, measurements, programmed utilization of GPS information, and considerably more are accessible to any individual who realizes how to utilize them utilized. There is additionally a mechanics of information stockpiling and their ensuing transmission to the ideal objective.

Just in Pro:

Export information in the norm of GIS Shape records (.shp)

Import record

  • Import focuses from the record in WGS84 configuration or CRS of your decision
  • Import focuses from text records (.txt, .csv) or Shape documents (.shp)

3D Terrain displaying and forms

  • Collect territory information
  • Create a 3D territory model
  • Create forms
  • Show on guide
  • Load, save, trade 3D territory model and forms
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