Lucky Patcher Original Apk (Unlimited Money)

Lucky Patcher Original Apk
App Name Lucky Patcher Original Apk
Publisher APK GURU
Genre Tools
Size 9.7 MB
Latest Version v10.8.1
Required 5.0 +
MOD Unlimited Money
Developer ChelpuS
Get it On Google Play
Update few seconds ago
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9.7 MB


Lucky patcher Apk is simple, safe and easy to use as it has some basic features. You can also download various hack tools using lucky patcher Apk. Lucky patcher is the ultimate tool for users looking for a simple and easy way to remove viruses from their devices (Android and iOS). The newly updated and improved Lucky Patcher Apk is the best Android application to tweak the App/game files. It’s a professional tool for modifying apk files and copying data from your computer to your mobile. Also, it can change the android version, install mods and unlimited money.

What is Mod of Lucky Patcher Apk?

Lucky patcher Apk is the most renowned worldwide app on social media. The lucky patcher app patches all apps. It can block apps. It can remove unwanted apps, and it removes an app that is without permission. Lucky patcher can also back up the installed app present in your SD Card. The lucky patcher app is an in-one patcher App. With this application, you can take control of your installed apps. Present in your device.

To take control of all of your apps, you can need a rooted app to take all the features of the app. So this app can do many tasks without any root access. This app is free, but it is highly recommended to download it from a verified website, as many sites share fake ones.

Why do You Download Lucky Patcher?

When you download and install Lucky Patcher, it will help you to make some modifications to your phone. Although Lucky Patcher has many features, if you need to learn how to use them properly, then this will be why he cannot do everything he wants.

Advanced Features

All in One App

It blocks all the boring ads which come on free apps and games. It blocks all promotions and advertising ads. So it is all in one app. You can watch your favourite games free of ads.

Purchase Verification

It removes Purchase verification of many apps. If you want to install paid apps free on your Android, this app will greatly help you. It helps to install the apps free of cost.

Modify Popular Games

The best feature of this application is that it has unlocked many features of games. It has downloaded and modified many features of games. With this app, you can. Get many gems and coins. Lucky patcher Apk which is an awesome app to enhance various gaming and entertainment apps. The app can modify various game settings. Lucky patcher Apk helps you to download any app from the browser easily and quickly. It is the ultimate tool for users!

Backup Apps

You can back up many Apps which are installed on your mobile phone. So it backs up your installed apps automatically.

Remove Unwanted Apps

It removes unwanted apps which are installed without permission. They are a threat to your mobile applications and mobile data. So it auto removes the unwanted apps which are insecure and are not safe.

Root Access

Most of its features do not need any root access. Lucky patcher app does not need any root access feature, but you should root your Android to enjoy its features.

Custom Patch

It has a custom patch where you can modify all the games and other apps. It can customise all the paths on your Android.

Protection From Viruses

Lucky Patcher is an application for Lucky Patcher Apk adobe, adobe photoshop, adobe media player and other patchers. It is the best application to protect your android device from viruses.

Black Pixel

Lucky Patcher is a small black pixel on the Android system. Each time an app needs to be updated, you get an error message saying that you are not allowed to install these updates. Well, luckily, Lucky Patcher is here to help you.

Download Games in a Single Click

Lucky patcher is the best tool for all users who want to download many games and apps in one click. The latest version lets you enjoy the most popular games on your mobile devices. Lucky patcher has also got advanced features.

How To Download the Lucky Patcher App

  1. Go to the verified download page and click on the lucky patcher app
  2. Click to install the App
  3. There you will see the dialogue, “ do you want to install the app”
  4. Click on the button yes
  5. The installer will be ready to install all the features of the app
  6. You have to go to the settings and have to allow unknown sources in your settings for your app
  7. After the process, you will see the install option.

What's New

  • It can scan apps for some fireworks
  • It opens the magisk module on android mobiles 6+
  • It adds settings for the file browser
  • It has an updated translation
  • Bugs Removed


Lucky patcher APK is the most popular mobile gaming application. It allows you to play in the background of your mobile phone without needing an internet connection. Lucky patcher Apk has advanced features like a cross-platform; no root and jailbreak is required.


You should download Lucky Patcher Apk?

Because it is a very simple and easy-to-use app, you can use this app on all Android devices without any problems.

Is it Safe and Secure?

Lucky Patcher Apk is one of the best Android apps for users to download. Experts have also reviewed this application and found that it is a great app for all Android users to enjoy. The Lucky Patcher Apk allows you to make very simple changes on your device without rooting the Android device or jailbreaking it.

What is the advantage of downloading Lucky Patcher Apk?

You can use this app to change any file from any app (which someone uploaded manually) through some simple steps. It also allows you to pack your APK file into an APK file which you will test before being exposed to public space in Amazon Fire TV, Google App Store, and other places where others may have installed the same file.

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