Lifeafter MOD APK 1.0.175 [Unlimited Gold & Unlimited Lives]

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Lifeafter is a Survival-Themed video game developed by famous gaming studio “NetEase”. Lifeafter unfolds in a post zombie apocalypse where players are tasked to survive Zombies attacks and eliminate all potential threats to become the Last Man Standing on Earth.

The gameplay of Lifeafter looks quite similar to other Zombies games currently available in market. However, this game features more exciting In-game Challenges and Missions that keeps you busy for hours without getting bored.

 If you are hunting for Lifeafter MOD APK T version then you have landed on right place. We are offering Lifeafter MOD APK modded version which is completely safe and compatible will all Android versions. 


Main Features

Well it all starts after a strange Virus grows and destroyed the world rapidly. Humans coming into contact of this virus turn into Infected Zombies. However, there are few survivors left on this planet and you are one of the survivors.

Like other survival games, players have to collect necessary materials, construct shelters, find food and build powerful weapons to compete deadly zombies. In order to stay alive you have to search all possible ways of survival by visiting on multiple locations on Map.

Always keep your eye on different factors including HP, Hunger, Vitality, Temperature and Health. Gamers have to manage these factors as these indicators help your character to stay Healthy and Fight off the Infected.

Gamers have to take more safety precautions at night as Zombies appear more at night. Find out perfect shelter for you at night and hide yourself to avoid deadly attacks of Zombies. Apart from zombies attacks, other survivors might also attack you so be more vigilant.

Short Review

Lifeafter MOD APK offers mixture of Survival and Role Playing Games. Gamers have to live in the world invaded by zombies and at the same time they have to collect and build their resources to answer the deadly attacks of those creatures.

The Beta version of Lifeafter was limited to a number of countries and gamers were needed to use a VPN to play this game in banned countries. But now, NetEase has officially launched this game worldwide, available on Android and iOS platforms.

Apart of addictive gameplay and user-friendly features, the makers of Lifeafter made sure to include Realistic Effects and Powerful Graphics. Moreover, the background Music and Tracks duals the thrill and fun of gamers.

What’s new in Lifeafter MOD APK

The new version of Lifeafter MOD APK brings new features and challenging scenes. But if you are using Original edition of this game you cannot access to those features. You are advised to download Lifeafter MOD APK from our downloading links given below.

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Lives
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • No In-game Ads
  • Antiban
  • Auto-Update


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