Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War (Free)

App Name Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War
Publisher APK GURU
Genre Action
Size 107 MB
Latest Version 3.05.000
Required 4.4 +
MOD Free
Developer NEOWIZ
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Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War MOD APK

Kingdom of Hero is a Premium RPG game purely designed for Android mobile devices. Here your Ultimate Goal is to Protect the Fate of your Kingdom. For this purpose, you have to Master Fighting Skills and adopt the best Strategies to eliminate your enemies.

Basically, Kingdom of Hero MOD APK features Hexagon Style gameplay. Players always experience a Unique Battling System due to Strategic and Tactics based competition. You can pick your favorite Heroes and collect the best equipment to become the Unbeatable Warrior of your Kingdom.

Currently, Kingdom of Hero MOD APK is available on the Android platform and you can download Kingdom of Hero 1.27.000 MOD APK from our direct links given below. Kingdom of Hero: Tactics Wars MOD APK enables you to enjoy God Mode and One Hit Kill features for Free.

Main Features

Unlike other Role Playing Games, Kingdom of Hero MOD APK offers quite unique and interesting gameplay. Here the gamers will need to pick different Characters to collect their team. In order to secure your Kingdom and eliminate all potential threats, you have to resist and kill all Villains. The game features more than 250 Heroes and you can complete your best squad before jumping into different fights. Each Hero is equipped with Unique Powers and Abilities. You have to choose your Heroes wisely to defeat your enemies on the battlefield. Gamers can also Upgrade their Heroes and customize their fighting skills according to their own desire. Feel free to create your own battling strategies through a mixture of different Heroes and develop more ways to defeat your enemies. Moreover, you have to go along with Squad Missions and tackle your enemies. During deadly battles, you can use different battling tactics. However, you need all the necessary Equipments and Magic Runs before engaging yourself in different challenges.

Short Review

The Kingdom of Hero is a Strategic Role Playing Game that offers amazing gameplay. Players have to pick 5 different heroes to complete their squad and then face their enemies for the sake of their Kingdom. Use different weapons and equipment to build your Undefeatable squad. In addition, you can get access to different Game Modes at the same time. Currently, Kingdom of Hero offers more than 7 gaming modes including Adventure, Arena, Awakening Valley, Rune Dungeon, Rift, Tower of Arrogance, and Guild Raid. No doubt the Kingdom of Hero unfolds a Realistic Battling Environment in a Fictional World. Powerful Graphics along with beautiful Artwork takes you to the world of fantasy. Moreover background music and sound effects dual the fun of this game.

What’s new in Kingdom of Hero MOD APK

Well the Latest Kingdom of Hero: Tactics War 1.25.000 MOD APK adds whole new features. These latest features are not available in the original edition of this game. You are advised to download and install the Latest Modded version of this game to enjoy the different Premium Features mentioned below.

  • New Heroes
  • Added new Craft Function
  • New Rune Reforge Function
  • Added new Costumes
  • Fixed Bugs
  • Improved User-Interfere
4.8 / 5 ( 52 votes )

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