Jetpack Joyride MOD APK 1.33.1 [Unlimited Coins]

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Jetpack Joyride is an addictive Arcade game that offers simple but amazing gameplay. The beta version of this game was released on May 2012 on Facebook platform but after few months the version was switched for Android, iOS, Windows and Playstation 3 users.

Gamers in this game are tasked to complete all missions and challenges by displaying their hidden skills and set new Score records. Explore in-depth features of this game by participating in different adventures and fly latest Jetpacks.

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Main Features

The storyline of Jetpack Joyride involves frustrated main character Barry who enters into secret laboratory to steal newly made Jetpacks but traps inside. Here’s starts endless gaming content in which you have to control your character by avoiding different obstacles and flying missiles and bullets.

Jetpack Joyride involves variety of Jetpacks and you can use them to avail their hidden powers. Players are advised to clear different stages to unlock different Jetpacks. Each Jetpack is equipped with unique powers and abilities.

Apart from amazing Graphics, this game offers super-cool Missions and Challenges. Each Mission comes out with separate set-up and obstacles. Players have to collect all useful items, gears and jetpacks to complete some difficult challenges of this game.

Feel Free to Customize your Character according to your desire. To unlock different Outfits and other accessories to make your Hero more elegant and powerful. You can make your huge Collection of Personal items and Jetpacks to become the unbeatable player in this game.

Always remember to Upgrade your Items and other tools to turn them into Lethal Weapons. For this purpose you have to search for different power-ups and sometimes you have awarded by unique powers-ups and prizes on completion of different missions.

Jetpack Jyride MOD APK

Short Review

The Control Mechanism of this game is purely optimized for Android users. All you need is to touch the mobile screen to guide the movements of your characters. Moreover, you can also use Tilt Functionalities from Control Customization option.

Jetpack Joyride involves Huge Online Gaming Community and you can join millions of online gamers to compete them in different challenges and missions. Feel free to invite your friends online and defeat them by setting your best Scores on Leaderboard.

In additions, Jetpack Joyride not only involves obstacles to clear but all features lethal Missiles, Lasers and Bullets flying to take down your character. You have to master your riding skills to avoid tricky obstacles and secure yourself from upcoming missiles and lasers.

What’s new in Jetpack Joyride MOD APK

The creators of Jetpack Joyride add new features and updates time to time to increase the fun and thrill in this game. On completion of each stage players are awarded by amazing bonuses and other prizes which help them to unlock different gears and other tools.

  • New Game Content
  • Latest Jetpacks
  • Updated Features
  • Bugs Fix
  • No Ads
  • Improved User-Interface

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