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Avakin Life MOD APK 1.072.01 (Unlocked & Unlimited Money)
App Name Avakin Life
Publisher APK GURU
Genre Role Playing
Size 162.4 MB
Latest Version 1.072.01
Required 4.4+
MOD Free
Developer Lockwood Publishing
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Avakin Life MOD APK

Avakin Life is an addictive 3D Virtual World Simulation game developed and released by the famous gaming studio Lockwood Publishing in 2016. Due to super-amazing Gameplay along with Players-Engaging Features and Realistic Graphics, this game has already recorded 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. Basically, Avakin Life is designed to allow you to Live your Dream Life in which you Build your favorite Character, follow your desired Passion, construct a Dream House, make lots of Friends, and organize Parties with your Buddies from all across the world.

Get free access to Avakin Life's latest MOD APK to enjoy Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Emotes, and all Premium Features Unlocked for Free. All you need is to Download and Install Avakin Life MOD APK from the links given below.

What’s New in Avakin MOD APK

Avakin MOD APK 1.046.01 offers you many Premium Features for free that are not available in the original edition of this game. Moreover, you will get Unlimited Money and Unlimited Emotes to purchase all In-game Items such as dresses, shoes and jewelry items without paying any charges.

The latest MOD and APK files feature Upgraded Graphics and players will experience smooth and lag-free performance in this Modded Version. Grab Avakin Life MOD APK 2020 version from the links given below and start your Dream Life in the virtual world.

  • Unlocked Latest MOD
  • Upgraded Characters
  • Dozens of new Locations
  • Features some new Items and places
  • Improved Performance

Dominating Features of Avakin MOD APK

Get yourself ready to dive into a Realistic Virtual World and start your new life in Avakin Life. Here you can create your Dream Character by using different items such as Clothes, Shoes, Make-up, and Jewelry, interact with other people, build your Ideal Home and follow your desired Career.

Avakin Life features a super-cool virtual world where players have the opportunity to explore and create everything they dream in their Real Life. The characters in this game are known as Avakins and players in the start are tasked to create their Dream Avakins by utilizing all resources.

You can create a Character you dreamed of in your real life and then you explore the in-depth gameplay of this game through your Avakin. To develop your character in the best possible way you have to work to earn some money and unlock different in-game items.

Feel free to Customize your Character at any point and for this purpose, you can go through different options such as gender, hairs, eyes, figures, and many more. Spend more time in the development of your character before interacting with the external world.

Avakin Life offers thousands of Unique Dresses and Costumes, you can select the best possible dress for your Avakin. Moreover, you can use other items such as shoes, make-up, and jewelry items to increase the beauty of your Avakin.

The best part of Avakin Life is Vast Socialized World, you can join millions of online gamers, engage yourself in open chats with other players. Share your ideas and thoughts with them and make new friends from all across the globe. Actually, you can start a text chat with any player and even you can join group chats.

You can display your super-amazing Dress Collection to your friends and join them in various professions to earn some money and unlock all features of this game. Avakin Life allows you to express yourself in the best possible way. You can set new trends in Fashion by using Clothes from different Brands whereas you can also explore thousands of other options to showcase yourself in a Fashionable way.

You can use different items and accessories to upgrade your character. Always remember to pick new shoes, jackets, pants, bags and other items before meeting with your friends. Moreover, you can get different tattoos on your body.

Avakin Life offers you to Build your Dream House by using different decorations and designing stuff. You can customize your home by selecting different decoration items and other stuff. Display your Creativity and become Fashion Icon for everyone.

Moreover, you can arrange different Parties at your home or other places. Invite your online friends or join them to have some fun. Talk, Dance, Laugh, Eat and create memories with your friends during wild farmhouse parties. No doubt Avakin Life MOD APK comes out with addictive Virtual World gameplay and you can enjoy each and every aspect of this game.

Explore hidden 3D World and meet new people in Avakin Life. Go out shopping or swimming and hang out with your online friends at Beaches and Bars. In order to help out gamers, Avakin Life features Daily Rewards option and you can earn different valuable prizes each day on open this game. Moreover, you can accept different challenges and missions to earn some quick Rewards and Bonuses. Despite having all Premium features, Avakin Life MOD APK is a Free-to-Play video game and you can easily download this game for Google Play Store. All you need is to download and install the latest edition of Avakin Life MOD APK.

Avakin Live is engineered with beautiful and impressive 3D Graphics as everything in this game looks realistic. Whenever you travel on different locations or meet your online friends, you experience real-life feelings. In addition, the sound effects of this game are powerful and accurate, you always enjoy while engaged in the Live-Chats feature.

Why Download Avakin MOD APK

Although Avakin Life is free to play video games and you can easily download this game from Google Play Store. However some of the Premium Features of this game are Locked and you have to pay some charges to developers or do In-game purchases to unlock all these features.

The Modded version of Avakin Life offers you all Premium Features of this game Unlocked and you can enjoy them without paying any charges. We ensure you that our Downloading links are 100% secure and work effectively with all kinds of Compatible devices.

  • Complete and Latest Hacked Version
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Emotes
  • Unlocked all Features
  • Free to Download
  • Bugs Free
  • Ads-Free
  • No In-game Purchases
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