How to Install APK Files on iPhone without Jailbreak - (Guide) ()

How to Install APK Files on iPhone without Jailbreak - (Guide)

Apple is a well-renowned smartphone brand and holds a huge portfolio around the world. Among the other accessories, the iPhone series is highly popular among enthusiast mobile lovers. However, strict Apple Store Policies for iPhone users are really something they always worry about.

How to Install APK Files on iPhone without Jailbreak

If you want to Install APK Files on iPhone without Jailbreak then this guide is going to be really helpful for you. Always remember, the methods of downloading apps outside the App Store may differ from each other due to the nature of the apps.

Normally, when you are trying to install apps from external sources, the files appear in three formats, a DEB file, an IPA file, and the Source Code. IPA Files are compatible with all kinds of iOS devices. So, you have to install this file.

After downloading IPA file, your second step is to get another application called Cydia Impactor. This app helps you to sign in to Apple ID and install IPA files without jailbreaking your mobile devices.

  • Download and Install Cydia Impactor
  • Connect your iOS device with Windows or MAC
  • Launch Cydia Impactor and paste your IPA file in it
  • Re-sign Apple ID
  • Tap on ID and File is Installed

Apple Store Policies

Well, the stakeholders of Apple have a lie down strict policies and guidelines regarding to the usage of their App Store. Generally, the App store disallows all those apps and files that violate their content and legal policies.

Due to these policies, iPhone users always failed to download or access their most favorite or demanding apps such as torrent clients, console emulators, etc. Surprisingly, you can enable your device to Bypass Apple’s App Security Block.

How to Bypass Apple Store Policies

There are several ways and methods to bypass Apple’s security block. By applying any of them, you can easily download and install your favorite apps on your iPhone. However, the most popular method to break the iPhone app block is Jailbreaking the Device, while you must check the latest coin master mod apk for iphone or iOS.

Jailbreaking is basically a modification of the File System of your mobile devices. Jailbreaking allows your iPhone devices to install apps available outside App Store. Importantly, jailbreaking doesn’t affect your primary mobile account.

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