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App Name inCarDoc Pro
Publisher APK GURU
Genre Auto & Vehicles
Size 15 MB
Latest Version V7.6.9
Required 4.4+
MOD Free
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Update 12 hours ago
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inCarDoc Pro | ELM327 OBD2 Scanner Bluetooth/WiFi MOD APK

Your associated vehicle? inCarDoc Pro – the best specialist for your vehicle: Check Engine codes per user, diagnostics, scanner, screen, and logbook apparatus: peruses constant and put away diagnostics boundaries from ECU of OBD-II consistent vehicles.

Prior to buying kindly check the vehicle and OBD2 scanner similarity with the free form of inCarDocr https://goo.gl/imxGhN

Requires ELM327 or viable OBD scanner. Upheld: OBD-II (Bluetooth, WiFi, Kiwi 3 (BLE), V-Gate iCar 3 (BLE), Veepeak (BLE), Carista, Vinli); GPS-in particular and Demo modes. Peruse more at inCarDoc.com Limited usefulness accessible w/o ELM327 conceivable just in GPS mode: Speed, Altitude

inCarDoc Pro form highlights:

  • continuous boundaries recording
  • read and show numerous boundaries
  • recording boundaries in foundation mode
  • see recorded boundaries follows
  • GPS follows uphold
  • transfer to worker http://inCarDoc.com
  • broadened gadgets: mileage, increasing speed
  • overlay to introduce economy information over any application screen

Vehicle diagnostics

Functions as shortcoming codes OBD2 scanner, peruses Check Engine (MIL) state, subtleties, related freeze outline information, discovers portrayals and clears put away indicative difficulty codes (DTC). Permits to store and share diagnostics information when searching for expert help/fix help. If it's not too much trouble, note that the application underpins just boundaries and ECU's predefined with OBD-II norm, that is Engine and Emission frameworks.

Real-time boundaries

Peruses constant motor and vehicle OBD2 boundaries PIDs from vehicle's sensors: speed, revolution (rpm), coolant temperature, pressure, O2 oxygen sensors, and different PIDs. Accessible outline drawing and simple/advanced gadgets introduction. Kindly note that careful rundown of filtered OBD2 boundaries relies upon your vehicle make/model/year.


Outing Computer mode for introducing and following vehicle's efficiency/utilization. Presents both in-drive (moment and normal MPG) just according to trip, each day, and different measurements. Kindly note, that highlight accessible when proper OBD2 economy boundaries (MAF or MAP+IAT+RPM) are upheld in your vehicle. For right estimations, you may have to enter Engine relocation (in cubic cm) and volumetric effectiveness (in %, the default is 80).

Other inCarDoc Pro highlights:

  • logbook notes: powering, administration records, vehicle upkeep, diagnostics
  • GPS boundaries: speed, height
  • enroll and transfer information to web
  • reassure mode: for cutting edge clients, direct OBD2 and ELM327 orders sending
  • utilize custom designs for non-standard boundaries and conventions
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