Human: Fall Flat APK 1.2 Version (Unlimited Features)

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Human Fall Flat APK is a super-cool Puzzle Game, developed and released by popular gaming studio 505 Games.Basically Human: Fall Flat is exclusively designed for Mobile devices but this edition offers all those Premium Features that are available in PC version.

If you are looking for Human: Fall Flat APK updated version then you are on right place. Download and Install Human: Fall Flat Cracked version and get Unlimited Money, Obb File, Data for Android and Full Paid APK edition for Free.

Human: Fall Flat involves exciting and full of fun gameplay in which your Ultimate goal is to reach Secret Portal.  Moreover you have to showcase your Mental Capabilities in solving difficult Puzzles and Mysterious Stories.

What’s new in Human: Fall Flat APK


Human: Fall Flat APK 1.2 version adds whole new features that are not available in Original Edition of this game. Experience epic New Ice Levels along with Upgraded Characters and Improved graphics in the latest Modded edition of this game.

Moreover Improved User Interface would help you to enjoy Smooth and Lag free gaming sessions. To enjoy all these Updated features you have to download Human: Fall Flat APK from our downloading links given below.

  • New Ice Level
  • Upgraded Characters
  • Improved Graphics
  • Improved User-Interface
  • Bugs-Fix


Human: Fall Flat features addictive Gameplay along with interesting Physical Rules and powerful 3D Graphics to provide realistic gaming experience to all players. Your aim in this game is to Solve all puzzles and avoid Obstacles to find the Secret Gate to complete Level and explore new Locations on Map.

Well it all starts after you are turned into type of Drunken Dummy and trapped in various puzzles and obstacles. Now you have to explore this strange world and find out ways to get out while using your hidden creative skills.

Human: Fall Flat features little bit difficult controls as it looks quite hard to control Wobbly Dummy Figure. But you have to Master the Skills to move and control dummy before engaging yourself in epic challenges and missions.

Apart from epic storyline, the Control Mechanism of this game also create extra thrill and fun for all players. You cannot finish your Levels and Challenges unless you understand the Movement Skills of your Character.

Human: Fall Flat comes out with 10 Levels and each level features unique story and puzzles. You have to complete one level to unlock new mission on Map. As you made progress, Levels as well as puzzles will get more difficult.

Always remember to utilize your Clever Mind while solving different Puzzles and Stories. Pick right options, never take decisions in hurry and always take your time in finding out possible solutions of epic puzzles to clear stages.

Complete and Latest Hacked version

  • Unlimited Money
  • All Levels Unlocked
  • No In-game purchases
  • Ads-Free
  • 100% safe Links
Moreover, you can use different items and elements for better solutions of your problems. You can use Demolition Crane to jump over the wall instead of try yourself. Search for Valuable Items and use them on right situation to get proper advantages.

Human: Fall Flat features in-depth story line as players interact with new locations, maps and objects during each level. Explore hidden worlds of Human: Fall Flat by clearing different levels and travel on different locations on Map.

In additions, you can play this game with your Friends and also compete with millions of online gamers from all across the world. Engage yourself in thrilling Multiplayer Match-ups and display your skills by defeating your opponents.

Short Review

You can also participate in PvP fights to earn quick rewards and bonuses. Moreover you can play this game alone in both Online and Offline Modes. However to appear in Multi-player matches, you should have internet access.

Unlike other Puzzle Solving Games, Human: Fall Flat offers Live Voice Chat Feature during Multi-player matches, You can talk and laugh with your teammates during different matches and also share your strategies with them.

In order to look unique from other players, you can Customize your Character. Feel gee to choose different kind of traits such as shirts, pants, headgears and other items. You can also customize color and fiscal traits of your Character.

Human: Fall Flat offers free to play gaming content and you can easily download this game from Google Play Store. However Original Version of this game offers Limited Features and you have to download Human: Fall Flat MOD APK version to enjoy In-depth Features without paying any charges.

Human: Fall Flat features simple but attractive 3D Graphics and you can play this game for endless hours without feeling bored. Moreover, the game offers accurate but bizarre sound effects but you can Customize background sound according to your desire.

Why Download Human: Fall Flat APK

Although Human: Fall Flat is free to play video game and easily accessible through Google Play Store. However to explore in-depth features of this game you have to pass certain Levels or pay some additional charges to purchase Human: Fall Flat Premium Version.

In additions, In-game purchases and Ads also create issues for many players. To wipe out all these issues, download Human: Fall Flat MOD APK from our Downloading Links and get Human: Fall Flat Paid Version for Free.

We guarantee you that our Downloading Links are 100% secure and works effectively with all sort of Compatible devices. However if you are facing any issues in Downloading process, Feel free to Contact us as our Experts are always ready to Help you.

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