How to use Android Auto with Latest Car Models 2023 ()

How to use Android Auto with Latest Car Models 2023

Android Auto is probably the least known feature for mostly Android users. However, this function is extremely useful while you’re driving. In fact, Android Auto helps you to control your device virtually by using Voice Controls.

Basically, Android Auto connects your phone to your car display and show up all Android apps onscreen. Now all you need is to tap on screen to check directions, made calls or send a text to your family. In fact, Android Auto helps you to focus on the road without full access to your Phone.

Benefits of Android Auto

Though Android Auto is by-default feature in all Android models but mostly people ignores this function as it doesn’t do much on its own. However, Android Auto helps you to enjoy your riding without missing a single text message or call.

  • Find the Routes
  • Play Music
  • Watch Videos
  • Send Texts
  • Make Calls

How to Connect to Android Auto

To enable the Android Auto feature, you have to connect your device with your car first. For this purpose, you can connect a phone to the Radio or Infotainment system in a car. If you are still facing issues follow the guideline mentioned below.

  • First of all, Check Internet Connection
  • Turn on the Vehicle
  • Connect your Phone to the Car through a USB Cable
  • Safety Notifications will appear onscreen, review and accept them
  • Now follow the On-Screen Commands on your device, allow various permissions to enable Android Auto feature
  • Finally, select the Android Auto App on the display on your vehicle radio or infotainment system

Use Android Auto through Voice Command

Indeed, you can use Android Auto through Google Assistant. You can use almost all Android App features by using your voice command. All you need is to say “Hey Google” to enable the Google Assistant Command.

  • Say “Hy Google”
  • Tap Steering Wheel Button
  • Now Press App Icons
  • Finally Tap Mic Icon

Which Android Devices are compatible with Android Auto

The Android Auto app is compatible with almost all the latest and older Android versions. However, the main requirement is that you phone has to be supporting Android 6.0 or an updated version. In fact, also works will Lollipop as well.

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