How to Turn On iPhone 11 - (Step by Step Guide) ()

How to Turn On iPhone 11 - (Step by Step Guide)

Handling and Usage of latest versions of iPhone can be challenging. In fact, iPhone new models are jam packed with tons of those features and options that you have ever heard before. Among the other issues, one common issue is how to turn on iPhone 11.

In fact, almost all models of iPhone features additional safeties to avoid accidental shut down or restart of your device. In this guide, we are going to share three different issues users generally face while using an iPhone. Also check out: How to Turn Off Find My iPhone 2021 - (Step by Step Guide)

How to turn on iPhone

No doubt, turning off iPhone could be tricky. Indeed, before turning on your device, you must re-charge it at-least for three to five minutes. Now the guide, we are sharing is applicable on latest iPhone models including iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

  • Press and Hold the Side Button
  • Wait until Apple’s logo appears on the screen
  • Release the Button and wait

How to turn of iPhone without Power Button

Have you ever imagined to Turn on your iPhone with using Power Button. If not, then our guide worth’s reading for you. In case, you have broken or jammed Power Button, you can use the following steps to turn on your iPhone within seconds.

Use a Computer to Turn on your iPhone without Power Button

  • First of all, attach iPhone to USB cable
  • Now plug your device into a Computer
  • Wait, until your iPhone is turned on
  • Slide bar will light-up on the screen
  • Swipe this option to unlock your device and your iPhone will be turned on

How to Restart or Reset iPhone without Power Button

  • Swipe to unlock your Device
  • Go to Settings and tap General
  • Now Tap Reset and Launch
  • Select Reset Network Settings
  • Plug in with iTune to restart it again

How to Turn On iPhone with Assistive Touch

Sometimes, it is necessary to restart your device to avoid miscarriage. In case, your power button is broken or jammed, you can still restart your iPhone by using the method mentioned below.

  • Tap the virtual Assistive Touch Button
  • Select the Device Option
  • Now tap Restart Icon
  • Tap Restart after icon appears on screen
  • Finally, you device will turn off and back on after 30 seconds
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