How to Turn Off Find My iPhone 2023 - (Step by Step Guide)

“Find My” feature is very important in reassuring the safety of your iPhone, iPods and iPads. Almost all Apple products feature Find My option. Basically, this function helps you to recover lost or stolen device accurately within few yards.

However, there are several scenarios where you have to turn off Find My feature on iPhone. Especially, you might need to turn off this feature before selling it or sending it for maintenance. Unfortunately, most users find this process little difficult.

Why should I leave Find My Turned On

In fact, this feature helps you to track down the location of your phone on Map. To enable this feature on your iPhone or other Apple product, all you need is to log in your Apple ID account to see where you mobile is located.

How to Turn Off Find my iPhone?

If you are still struggling to find how to turn off Find My feature on iPhone or other Apple products, then you are on right place. In this guide, we are going to share different methods to turn off Find My Device feature on iPhone.

Always remember by turning off Find My option, it’s impossible for you to track down your iPhone on Map in case of any mishap. However, this feature won’t delete any of your data if you follow our guide carefully.

  • Go to Settings App
  • Tap your Name at the top
  • Tap “Find My” option
  • Now Tap Find My iPhone
  • Finally, turn it off after entering your Apple ID passcode

How to Turn off Find My through iCloud?

You can also turn off Find My by using the iCloud website. However, this method is useful if you have lost or sold your iPhone. Basically, this option is used in the absence of your iPhone but you have to input your Apple ID and Password to make it work.

  • Search iCloud.com and click Find iPhone option
  • At the top of the page, click “All Devices” options and in the dropdown menu, click the iPhone
  • Now , the new window, click “Erase iPhone”
  • To perform this action, enter your Apple ID password and confirm “Erase” by clicking it
  • Finally, click Remove account
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