How to Root Android Devices & Smart Phones 2023 - (Step by Step) ()

How to Root Android Devices & Smart Phones 2023 - (Step by Step)

Rooting your Android device is not a bad idea at all. In fact, Android Rooting gives you access to those modified files and apps that would normally be unreachable. Moreover, Root Access allows you to update the Operating System, Delete Bloatware and apply all deep-system modifications to get more control over your device.

Many android users think that rooting a device is equivalent of Jail-Breaking. However, this concept is correct to some extent. Indeed, Android Rooting is illegal in USA and you are allowed to Root your Android Devices.

Why do I Root my Android

There are different reasons to root your Android device. However, most people prefer rooting to enable Custom Recoveries. As a matter of fact, Rooting is a detailed Modification of your Android Devices with changing hardware or other specs.

  • Modify your Device
  • Install Unapproved Apps
  • Custom Recoveries
  • Update the OS
  • Replace the Firmware
  • Delete Bloatware

How to Root Android Device

Though, Rooting is not an easy process due to technical complications. However, there are several Root-Enabled applications in the market. In fact, these apps are programmed to restore your devices in the scenario that something goes wrong.

  • First of all, Back-up your Important Data
  • Access to About Phone and search Build Number
  • Tap on Build Number and Developer Options with appear in the main settings
  • Now go to Device Setting
  • Turn on OEM Unlocking or USB Debugging
  • Tap Developer Option
  • Finally, Download and Install any of the Root-Enabled App mentioned above

Best Apps for Android Rooting

Magisk Root

Magisk is programmed to root different Android Devices with standard patches. The app features a powerful Interface for better performance.


This application is also used to root many Android devices.


Towelroot is potentially manufactured by famous Geohot Developers. This app works with wide range of Android devices including Samsung Galaxy S5.

CF-Auto- Root

Another application created by popular Chainfire developers and specially designed for rooting beginners. This app can be used for Rooting of Samsung and Nexus Devices.


KingRoot is probably the most liked Root Application in the market. In fact, it is easy and quick for your android rooting. The app is compatible with different Android version from 2.x to 5.0.

How to Check if Android Phone is Rooted?

Many people are really curious about knowing whether their devices are rooted or not. This usually happens after various Rooting attempts. No doubt, there are few ways to check if you have a rooted android device. You can install different Root Check Apps from Google Play Store and also check it manually.

  • Go to Setting
  • Locate and trap about your Device
  • Access to Status
  • Check the Device Status

Is it Safe to Root Android Device?

Rooting an Android Device might create some serious to your device. Your device may not properly function with certain apps and software. So, root your devices at your own risk as it many null your device warranty as well.

  • Cancels your Warranty
  • Bricking your Device
  • Severe Security Issues
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