How To Connect Smartwatch to iphone - Step by Step Guide ()

How To Connect Smartwatch to iphone - Step by Step Guide

Most people believe that Android Wearable Devices are not compatible with iPhone models and you have to buy specifically programmed Apple Smartwatches to view your Mobile details on your Wrist. However, this concept is wrong and in reality, you can pair any kind of Wear OS by Google with all the latest models of iPhone.


  • The Wear OS Google App on your mobile phone will show list of devices near to you. All you need is to check and select the name of your watch.
  • Make sure that your Watch is Charging
  • Now Select Language and scroll down to identity Watch
  • After doing so, pair your Watch with phone
  • You will get Pairing Code on both devices
  • Ensure that both pairing codes are same
  • Finally, you will get Confirmation Message and this whole process will take couple of minutes

At the same time, there are some compatibility limits for Android users. In fact, you can only pair Wearable devices with iPhone 5 and above iPhone models. Moreover, all iPhone models must have iOS 9.3 or higher.

In this article, we are going to share different ways and methods to pair your Android Wearable with iPhone devices. For sure, the following guideline doesn’t require JailBreaking your iPhone or forcing you to Root your Android Smartwatches.

However, your Smartwatch may automatically Update and Restart. But once you connect your watch with your iPhone, you will be able to accept and reject calls, control music and get different notifications on your Smartwatch.

Apart from an iPhone, Smartwatch and a strong Internet connection, the final thing you have to do is to download and install two basic apps. You have to download Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS from Google Play Store and BLE utility from iTunes App Store. After going so, follow the following section.

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