How to Run PS4 Controller with Android Phone - Guide 2023 ()

How to Run PS4 Controller with Android Phone - Guide 2023

Though PC or Gaming Console still attracts hardcore gamers due to smooth and lag-free access to high-end games. However,  the latest Android Phones also boosts some best gaming features. You can play your favorite games on your phone by using PS4 Controllers. Nowadays, Android Phones are advanced enough to allow you to connect to PS4 Controller via Bluetooth without Rooting. However, the process of Connecting the PS4 Controller to Android is not that easy.

How to Connect PS4 Controller to Android

The best possible way to Connect the PS4 Controller to Android Phone is through Bluetooth set-up. Make sure to run controller-compatible games for automatic mapping of the right buttons. However, you have the option to re-map keys manually.

  • Turn on your Bluetooth from Settings
  • Go to the Bluetooth Menu and tap Scan Mode
  • Now, press and hold the Playstation button and the Share Button of the Controller for a few seconds
  • The light will blink on your controller showing it’s in pair mode

  • Go to Android Phone and check the list of Nearby devices by Controller Name
  • Tap the device that shows Default Controller Name to begin the pairing process
  • After pairing, you will get confirmation of Phone and light should stop blinking on Controller

Unfortunately, PS4 Controller is compatible with all mobile games. You might face performance issues if you try to run incompatible games. Moreover, you should have strong Wi-Fi to pair PS4 Controller to Android Phone.

Sometimes, you may experience Connection issues between PS4 Controller and Android Phone. To solve Connection issues, you can install Auto-Bluetooth Apps from Google Play Store. All you need is to run such apps on your devices and the rest will be done automatically.

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