How to Connect Airpods with any Android Model - Guide 2023

Android users can utilize various options when it comes to wireless Airpods. In fact, Android devices are also compatible with Apple Airpods but you will have to do a little Pairing process before running AirPods with your device.

Unfortunately, most Android owners might think that they can’t connect Airpods with an Android device. Indeed, this Myth isn’t true and you can connect Android to Airpods and enjoy hands-free and other options.

How to Connect Apple’s Airpods with Android

Though Apple Airpods are directly compatible with iPhone and MacBook and you don’t need to follow the teasing paring process. However, you are going to use Apple Airpods with an Android device then you will need for a paring mode.

  • First of all, Open the Airpods case
  • To start Paring Process, Tap and Hold the Rear Button
  • Now, go to settings menu on your device
  • Search for Bluetooth
  • Find the Airpods on the List and tap Pair

Some Missed Features of Airpods

To be honest, if you are using AirPods with Android devices, you won’t be able to enjoy all the built-in features. For example, you might miss out the Auto-Pause and Resume Feature when you de-pair your Airpods with the device.

  • No Automatic Pausing
  • Can't Monitor Airpod Batter Level
  • Need Pairing

Install an Airpods Control App

To get access to more Advanced features of Airpods, you can install a third-party control app. In fact, these apps are designed to solve some of the issues of using Apple Products with Android devices. All you need is to download and install AndroPods from Google Play Store and then follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Download and Install AndroPods
  • Open App Menu
  • Tap the Activate Service slider to enable the App features
  • Tap Model Option
  • Now select Model of Airpods in the pop-up window and get complete Menu
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