How to clear Cache on Android 2023 - (Step by Step Guide) ()

How to clear Cache on Android 2023 - (Step by Step Guide)

App Cache is hot topic for mostly Android users. However, majority of them believe that clearing Cache would not only clears their Internal Storage but also avoids their device from getting slow or in rare cases inactive.

So the question is whether Cache is harmful for Android devices and how and when we should clear the cache to maintain the performance of our devices. No doubt, Corrupted Cache files can cause performance and speed issues to your Android.

What is Cache Data

Basically, Cache are temporary data files that are associated with your Installed Apps. Indeed, your device internal storage might filled up with cache files. So, it is necessary for you to clear cached data to keep your device in good health.

When you have to Clear Cache

In fact, clearing the cache on your Android phone helps you to escalate the performance and maintain good space of your devices. As a matter of fact, clearing the cache on regular basis could harm your mobile so you should clear cache periodically.

Benefits of Clearing the Cache

For sure, Cache Files are important in maintaining smooth Apps performance on your device. However, sometimes Cache files become overloaded and cause some serious issues with the performance and speed of your device.

  • Saves your Storage Speed
  • Ensures Smoother Performance
  • Eliminates Security and Privacy Threats
  • Avoids Updates automatically

How to Clear the Cache on Android Devices

The process of clearing the cache on modern versions of Android is a little bit tricky. Indeed, you have to delete the cache files of each app separately. Now we are going to share step by step guide of how to clear the cache on Android.

  • First of all, Open Settings
  • Now tap Storage
  • In the list, choose Other Apps Entry and it will open the list of all Installed Apps on your Device
  • Then, select the App whose Cache you want to delete (go for apps taking most space)
  • Go to App’s Info Page and tap Clear Cache Option

How to Delete Cache on Older Android Versions

On older Android versions, it is comparatively easy to delete the cache. In fact, these versions are designed to clear the cache in bulk and you don’t have to choose the apps individually to clear the cache. Now follow the guide carefully.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Storage
  • Head towards Cached Data
  • Tap OK and it will clear Cache Files automatically

How to Clear Cache in the Chrome App

  • Open the Chrome App on your device
  • Now tap three-dot icon on the top right and choose dropdown menu
  • Select History and tap Clear Browsing Data
  • Choose Cache Files and Images you want to delete
  • Finally, Tap OK

How to Clear Cache of Third-Party Apps

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Storage
  • Choose Internal Storage under device storage
  • Select Cached Data
  • Tap OK to clear desired apps and files
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