How to Block a Number & Text Messages in Android ()

How to Block a Number & Text Messages in Android

If you are continuously feeling annoying from calls of strangers, scammers and telemarketers then you may want to learn how to Block a Number on Android. There are different methods to Block a Number on Android and you can adopt them according to the make and model of your device.

Though, Android Smartphones feature built-in Number Blocking option but still the method varies for latest Android models and their manufacturers. In this guide, we are guide to share some methods of how to block a phone number from your Android device.

How to Block a Number on Android

Blocking a Number on Android is not that simple as it totally depends upon the version and manufacturer of your Android. While on some Android models, you can block the unwanted calls by Activating the Block Call command in your recent calls panel whereas some devices hide blocking features deep in the settings panel.

  • Open the Phone App
  • Navigate to Three-Dots Menu Icon in the Top Right Corner
  • Tap Settings
  • Select Block Numbers
  • Enter the Number, you want to Block
  • Press Done Option

How to Block a Number on Samsung

Block a Number via Contacts

  • Open the Contacts Apps
  • Search for the Contact, you want to Block
  • Tap More Menu at the bottom right corner
  • Tap Block Contact Option
  • Tap Again to Confirm your Action

Block a Number via Phone App

  • Open the Phone App
  • Press the More Button
  • Navigate to Tap Settings
  • Search and Tap the Block Numbers Button
  • Select Add Phone Number
  • After choosing number, Tap the Plus Button

How to Block Calls on LG Phone

  • Open the Phone App
  • Go to the Call Logs
  • Tap the number, you want to Block
  • Search for Three-Dot Menu in the upper-right Menu
  • Select the Block Number from the Drop Down Menu

How to Block Calls on HTC

  • Go to Phone App on Home Screen
  • Navigate to Call History
  • Press the Number, you want to Block for few seconds
  • Search and Tap the Option to Block Contact or Block Caller

How to Block a Number on Android via Third-Party Apps

In case, your Android phone lacks Built-in Block a Number Feature, then you can Install different Third-party apps on the Google Play Store. Some of the Best Call Block Apps available on Play Store are mentioned below.

  • Number
  • Call Blocker
  • Calls Blacklist

How to Block Text Messages on Android

  • Open the Messages App
  • Tap on the Conversation, you want to Block
  • Tap on the More Icon
  • Select Block Number
  • Tap Done

What Happens when you Block a Number on Android

Once you blocked the Number, the calls from Blocked Numbers will be saved in Voicemail whereas the text messages from the blocked number will remain un-delivered unless you want to Unblock or Reply those blocked numbers.

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