How to Take Back-Up iPhone 2023 - (Step by Step Guide) ()

How to Take Back-Up iPhone 2023 - (Step by Step Guide)

Though, most iPhone users think that their personal data on iPhone is automatically Backed up to iCloud and they can easily recover it in case of damage, lost, and stolen of their iPhone. However, this myth is true up to some extent.

In reality, iCloud only saves 5 GB of iPhone data automatically and the data that exceeds this limit cannot Backed-up by iCloud. In fact, you have to pay some charges to upgrade the backing up space on iCloud to protect your personal data.

Moreover, iPhone latest iCloud Backup policy allows all Government Entities to access to the personal data of people. In that scenario, the best way to retain full control of your data is to back up your iPhone to your Mac and Windows Computer.

How to Back-Up iPhone?

As a matter of fact, it is quite easy to Back-up your iPhone without paying additional backing-up space charges. In this guide, we are going to explore different options for backing up your iPhone to Windows Computers and Mac.

iPhone Back-up Solutions using iCloud

iCloud is the best option for Backing-up your data. However, due to restricted privacy policies and limited storage, most users avoid using this service. iCloud not only saves your images and videos but also protects Text Messages, Contact List and other Applications Data. To Back-Up iPhone using iCloud, you have to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to Settings and search for iCloud Backup
  • Turn on iCloud Back-up and it will automatically turns on
  • For Manual Back-up, tap Back-up now
  • To Manage your Back Data, go to setting, search icloud and go to manage storage to view all saved Back-up Data

iPhone Back-up Solutions using Mac

There are different ways to back up iPhone using Mac. However, the best way to secure your personal data on Mac is through iTunes. By doing so, you can communicate with your computer or Mac through Wi-Fi or USB Cord.

  • Connect iPone and your Computer using USB
  • Go to Finder sidebar on Mac and select iPhone
  • Now Click on General at the top of Finder Window
  • Select Back-Up all you data on your iPhone to Mac
  • Select Encrypt Local Back-up to secure your data by password
  • Finally, Click on Back-Up Now

iPhone Back-up Solutions using Window Computer

  • Connect iPhone and your Windows Computer using USB
  • Open iTunes App on your PC and click on iPhone Button
  • Click Summary
  • Now Tap Click Back-up Now
  • Finally select Encrypt Local Back-up, to encrypt your back-ups
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