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App Name Grow Castle
Publisher APK GURU
Genre Arcade
Size 48.2 MB
Latest Version 1.37.15
Required 4.4+
MOD Free
Developer Grow Castle
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Grow Castle MOD APK

Grow Castle MOD APK is a mixture of Strategic and RPG Android games where you have to Build your Defense Towers and battle Enemies to defend your Little Kingdom. Grow Castle is developed by the famous gaming studio “RAON Games.”

Players of Grow Castle can enjoy the latest MOD and APK files of this game as we have brought you the updated version of Grow Castle MOD APK for Free. You can enjoy all Premium features of this game along with Unlimited Coins and Unlimited Gold by downloading Grow Castle MOD APK for the links given below.

Well, Grow Castle MOD APK is a simple but addictive Video Game due to its super-cool Gaming Plot as well as amazing Graphics. Players have to build their Army and Construct Defense Towers to defend their Kingdom from the attacks of Deadly Monsters.

Download Grow Castle Latest Version MOD APK!

What’s New in Grow Castle MOD APK

Grow Castle MOD APK is quite different from the Original Version of this game as the latest edition involves a number of new features. However, players using Old version of Grow Castle cannot avail those features and you have to Download Grow Castle MOD APK to add new features to your game.

Grow Castle MOD APK

Now players of Grow Castle can enjoy the Upgraded Units to defend themselves from strong Enemy attacks whereas Grow Castle MOD APK features some new Heroes and all of them are equipped with Unique Skills and Abilities.

  • Upgraded Units
  • Powerful Heroes
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Online Guide System


Get ready to jump into the World of Monsters where you have to fight to maintain your Kingdom’s Legacy. Your ultimate goal is to defend your Castle by deploying your trained troops. In order to tackle Evil Forces to you have to train your Soldiers in the best possible way.

It’s time for you to Save your People and become Heroes of your Kingdom. You have to fight enemies who try to attack you to destroy your Castle and kill you. But you have to Develop your Army to face them. Your army would be your last Defense of Line and you have to choose the best units to protect your Borders.

You can choose different Army Units as each unit features unique Skills, Powers, and Abilities. Moreover, you can also Upgrade and Customize the powers of your Soldiers. You have to Expand and Renovate your Castle after each battle.

Grow Castle is a mixture of Combat as well as Strategy game so this game also tests your mental abilities. You have to adopt the best Strategies to Save your Castle and destroy your Powerful Enemies without considering massive damage.

Players have to Build and Upgrade their Castles. You can choose different resources and also expand your Watching Towers to get a better view of your enemy's attack. You can deploy your best troops on Towers with upgraded weapons.

In order to tackle your Enemies, you can use different Upgraded Weapons. In addition, you can also use Magical Attacks on your Enemies. All you need is to attain unique Powers and Abilities to kill deadly Monsters moving to destroy you.

Grow Castle features more than 120 Heroes and you can make your pick from them. You have to develop your Heroes and upgrade their powers. Moreover, each hero comes out with unique power and you have to make Wise Decisions while selecting your Heroes.

This game also offers you to involve in other amazing activities. You can earn different Rewards by completing different missions. You can explore different resources and build your Colonies and recruit Workers to expand your Kingdom.

Remember, you are not alone in this battle as Grow Castle holds Huge Gaming Community. You can play this game with other Online Players. Engage yourself in Real-Time Combats and upgrade your Rank after winning Battles.

The latest version of Grow Castle also offers Online Guild System. Now you can meet different high-profile gamers. Players can create their own Guild or join other players from all across the globe. You can also invite your Friends Online.

No doubt Grow Castle features amazing Gameplay as players always experience a new world while playing this game. You can explore different Hidden Worlds and dive into the World of Imagination where everything looks so Realistic.

Grow Castle allows all players to enjoy this game in both Online and Offline Mode. You can join Millions of Online players if you have an Internet Connection. If not then enjoy superb gameplay of Grow Castle Offline. However, your gaming progress is saved during Online Gaming sessions.

Players can enjoy different Modes of Grow Castle in the latest MOD and APK files. You can play the main gaming plot of this game whereas you can also engage yourself in different Challenges and Missions to earn some quiet Rewards.

Although Grow Castle is equipped with all Premium Features but still this game is Free-to-Play and you can easily download this game from Google Play Store. All you need to Install Grow Castle and start playing on your Android Devices.

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The creators of Grow Castle have worked real Hard on the Graphics of this game. Players can experience Simple but Realistic graphics which are quite appealing for people of all ages. Moreover, this game also offers attractive and epic Sound Effects.

Why Download Grow Castle MOD APK

Grow Castle MOD APK is free to play a Video game and you can download this game from Google Play Store for Free. However, some of the features of this game are locked and players have to pay some money to unlock all Premium features of this game.

Moreover, in the Original Version of Grow Castle, it is really hard for you to Kill all Enemies due to a lack of Special Skills. Grow Castle MOD APK offers you a Cracked version where you Earn too much Gold to upgrade your skills to defend and attack your Enemies.

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlocked all Skills
  • Unlocked all 120 Heroes
  • Complete Cracked Version
  • Bugs-Free
  • Real-Time Rankings
  • On-line Guild Option
  • Unlocked all New Dragons
  • New Upgraded Items
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