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App Name GioWhatsApp Apk
Publisher APK GURU
Genre Communication
Size 29.4 MB
Latest Version v8.50
Required 4.4 +
MOD For Android
Developer JaatMods
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Whatsapp has several features that impress anyone looking for an easy-to-use chatting app. It allows users to quickly send or receive texts, share media files, and much more. But now, new apps have replaced the value of official apps as they are offering more integrated features and customization options. One such app is GioWhatsapp Apk. This is one of the mods you may have seen from third-party developers for Whatsapp.

While there are some similarities between GioWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus, GioWhatsApp has a larger file size, making it slightly heavier than WhatsApp Plus. However, it is still a lightweight app and runs smoothly on most devices. To know more about this mod, continue reading below.

What is GioWhatsApp Apk?

GioWhatsApp Apk is a modded version of WhatsApp that offers additional features and capabilities compared to the original app. It is regularly updated, providing users with a better and more efficient experience. Despite its benefits, GioWhatsApp does have some limitations, including the absence of some important features that are available in other modded versions of WhatsApp.

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What is GioWhatsApp Mod Apk?

GioWhatsApp Mod Apk is a great solution for anyone. It has better security and privacy featuresOne the best part of GioWhatsApp is that it is completely free to use for all users. You can enjoy making audio and video calls, exchanging messages, and creating groups without having to pay any charges. This makes it easier to connect with your loved ones and build a community of like-minded individuals without any financial burden.

What Are Best Features Of the GioWhatsApp Mod Apk?

The best features of GioWhatsapp Mod Apk are.

Chat Privacy

One of the standout features of the app is its Privacy Configuration, which allows users to customize their presence on the app by controlling the visibility of double tick sections, last seen feature, and profile picture.

Status Saver

Another useful feature is the Status Saver, which eliminates the need to install additional apps for downloading or saving statuses, as the app has a built-in status saver option.

Anti-Ban Protection

GioWhatsApp has an Anti-Ban Protection feature, which ensures that users' official accounts are not deleted or banned by WhatsApp. This feature is enabled by the app's compliance with the latest coding developments and terms and conditions.

Backup & Restoration

The Back up & Restoration feature allows users to easily take backups and save them in a single folder, which contains chats, call logs, images, and other files. This ensures that users can retrieve their important data and conversations even if they lose their device or uninstall the app.

Audio And Video Recorder

GioWhatsApp also has a built-in recorder for audio and video calls, which eliminates the need to install separate apps for recording purposes. Users can customize the recording feature to choose between automatic or manual call recording.

Regular Updates

GioWhatsApp ensures that its latest version is always free from bugs and technical problems through regular updates. This keeps your app and device running smoothly, resulting in an improved app experience for users.

Hide Buttons

The app also has a feature that allows users to hide buttons, such as the send voice message or call buttons, providing a cleaner and more streamlined interface.

What's New In GioWhatsApp Mod Apk?

Here are the features of the GioWhatsApp app:

Remove Dialog about Updates:

With this feature, you can easily remove the dialog box that keeps popping up for updates of the application.

Back-Up and Restore:

GioWhatsApp offers a feature that allows users to create new backups and restore the application in case of any technical difficulties.

Copy Long Messages:

Copying long messages is made easier with GioWhatsApp as users can simply long-press on a message to copy it.

New Updates:

The latest version of GioWhatsApp offers new updates including the ability to use stickers, make group calls, a new swipe-to-reply function, and the correction of errors.


In conclusion, GioWhatsApp Apk is a messaging app that offers various unique features, including privacy configuration, status saver, backup and restoration, built-in recorder, and the ability to hide buttons. It also has anti-ban protection and allows users to remove the update dialog. Additionally, the app is free and regularly updated to ensure a smooth and bug-free experience.


Is GioWhatsApp safe to use?

Yes, GioWhatsApp is safe to use. It is an open-source application that has reliable privacy control and anti-ban protection.

Can I use GioWhatsApp on multiple devices?

No, you cannot use GioWhatsApp on multiple devices simultaneously. The app is designed to work on one device at a time.

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