Geometry Dash (Free)

App Name Geometry Dash
Publisher APK GURU
Genre Arcade
Size 62 MB
Latest Version 2.2.11
Required 4.4+
MOD Free
Developer Robert Topala
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Geometry Dash MOD APK

Geometry Dash is a simple logical game but truly designed for Genius People. Geometry Dash was developed by Robert Topala and published under the benchmark of Rob Top games back in 2013. Currently, 5 versions of this game are available in the market including some popular editions given below:

  • Geometry Dash Meltdown
  • Geometry Dash World
  • Geometry Dash Subzero

Geometry Dash Latest Version MOD APK?


Geometry Dash Meltdown is a spin-off game that was launched on Dec 2015 and this game is only compatible with iOS and Android. This edition only includes 3 official levels but featuring the songs of F-777. Currently, Geometry Dash Meltdown is not available on Google Play Store


Back in 2016, Geometry Dash World hits the gaming market. This newest spin-off game also consists of 3 official levels but features new icons and triggers including camera controls, Color Graphics and Hacking Editor. This edition is currently available on Apple Store and Google Play Store.


Geometry Dash Subzero almost shares the same features of Geometry Dash World but the complete and original version of this game is yet to be released by Rob Top. Camera Control along with Hacking Editor and Color Graphics are the dominating features of this edition.

Basic Info

  • Genres: Arcade
  • Version:111
  • Developer: RobTop Games
  • Requires:0 and up
  • Size:9 MB
  • MOD Features: All Unlocked
  • Updated: 2019/12/27

Unlike other video games, Geometry Dash comes out with 21 official levels whereas players can unlock more than 50 million online levels through the “Game Creation System” installed by the creators of this game.

Excitingly all official levels of this game are different from each other and each of the levels features different map packs, gauntlets, and secret vaults. Other dominating features of Geometry Dash are given below.

  • Different Game Modes
  • Wide Range of Icons
  • Play with your Friends
  • Creator Points
  • Quests
  • Weekly Demons
  • Daily Levels and Tasks
  • Hall of Fame for different Levels
  • Unique Background Music for each Level

Game Features

Geometry Dash is arcade game with easy and simple rule. Players have to complete levels without touching obstacles. Difficulty increases with the levels of the game whereas you can use control to avoid obstacles by changing your direction. Some dominating features of this game are given below.

Story Line

This simple game runs on the tapping of your fingers on the screen to guide your selected character through different obstacles. You have to jump or change your direction to complete the level without touching hurdles.

Difficulty Increases with Levels

To be honest, the more time you spend playing this game, the more difficult it will find to play this game. By clearing levels, your difficulty also increases but once you become addictive you will experience more fun while facing unique and addictive levels.

  • Customize your Characters: Players can customize their characters by changing their costumes and other gears. You can also change the color of your character to match the actual theme of the level whereas you can set icons for each level during your gaming journey.
  • Use Practice Mode to Improve your Skills: In order to help players and polish their skills, Geometry Dash offers Practicing Mode for all players of this game. You can practice your skills and polish your moves to become a Master in this game and tackle difficult levels with quite ease.

Earn Rewards

In order to earn different valuable rewards, you have to clear some levels. These rewards allow you to enter into Hall of Fame. By completing different levels and completing tasks you earn awesome rewards including in-game boosts.

Unlike its competitors, Geometry Dash offers different soundtracks for different levels. With the progress of the level, you will find unique sets ups along with other changing like obstacles are positioned in different places during each level.

By logging in through any social media network, you can see your friend’s progress in this game and you can also compete with your friend who also plays this brilliant game. Moreover, you can check your global position online.

The sound effects of Geometry Dash change with levels and you have access to hundreds of different soundtracks in this game. The matching soundtracks for each playing level make this game more unique and interesting for players of all ages.

Amazing Graphics: Geometry Dash comes out with Simple but stylish and unique graphics. The color scheme along with super cool rectangular shape characters makes this game more attractive and friendly for players. Moreover, simple graphics allow this game to run with any kind of device.

Latest Features

The creators of Geometry Dash have made slight changes in the Update 2.11 version of this game. From graphics to sound and other features, players are going to reveal some super cool features in the updated version of Geometry Dash APK MOD.

  • Updated Community Shop
  • Updated Icons and Effects
  • Weekly Demon Challenge
  • Folders along with Level Sorting
  • New Demon Chests
  • New Leaderboards Level

Download Geometry Dash 2.2.11 MOD APK

In order to download and install Geometry Dash 2.11 APK, you have to follow the procedure given below. You can also download this game for our Window or Android devices. Once you proceed step by step, you will install this app quickly and then you are free to play anywhere and anytime.

  • First of all, download and install Android Emulator Tool or Bluestacks Office Installer. These tools will allow you to run any Android APK file on your android devices.
  • Now open installed Bluestacks App and enter the name of the game or search Geometry Dash will title in the search box.
  • After searching, click on download option and your Android is ready to open this game for you. Open and Start your journey in Geometry Dash
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