Fallout Shelter MOD APK 1.14.2 [All Unlimited & Data Android]

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Fallout Shelter MOD APK is one of most advanced Shooting and Shelter Building game. The game was originally released by Bethesda Game Studios back in 2015 and now Fallout Shelter is considered among the popular Android Games with millions of downloads on Google Play Store.

If you are looking for Fallout Shelter Modded version then you have landed on right place. We are offering Fallout Shelter latest 1.14.2 version along with all Levels Unlocked and OBB 2020 Latest version. Moreover you will get Unlimited Caps, Water, Energy and Food in this MOD edition for Free.

Get yourself ready to dive into the amazing Fallout Shelter MOD APK gameplay and explore Multiple Locations on Map. Your ultimate task in this game is to Build Most Secure Bunkers for victims of Nuclear Attacks and Protect them from further attacks of your enemies.


New Features

Well it all starts after a Nuclear attack takes place in your city and everything is covered with Smoke and Dust. In this apocalyptic scene you have handed over the responsibility to dig bunkers for the residents and collect resources for your survival.

No doubt Fallout Shelter offers simple but amazing storyline that keeps you engage for hours and hours. But to be honest this game is way tough and difficult than your expectations. You have to utilize your skills and survival instincts to stay alive in this game.

In order to prevent residents from further attacks of your enemies, you have to Upgrade your Bunkers time to time and adopt different strategies to tackle your opponents. Due to best available graphics, Fallout Shelter provides your some Realistic Gaming Experience.

Gamers have to equip their Bunkers with all possible facilities such as Electricity, Food, Water and so on. You have to gather different weapons and prepare your own defense system to avoid deadly attacks of your enemies.

In additions, you have to showcase your hidden Designer Skills while building different bunkers. As the game progress, more residents will join you and your initial shelter will get overcrowded and you will face different problems in handling these people.

In order to avoid all these issues, you have to construct large rooms and connect them with smaller rooms whereas you have to consume all your resources to Build Best and Secure Shelters. You have to plant Power Stations for Electricity Supply to all rooms.

Fallout Shelter MOD APK

Short Review

Luckily, residents in your shelter are also equipped with special and unique skills and you can utilize them to complete your tasks. All you need is to create your working team and try to increase your Man Power to perform your duties in effective way.

Remember, population in your Shelters will increase in quick time and you have to upgrade your facility to host all these residents. In order to improve happiness of your residents provide them all facilities including water, food, job etc.

You can also Create different Labs for Research Work and other creative purposes. To produce Medicines and other helpful articles, you can use these labs. However you have to spend major part of your resources to create those labs.


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