DMWhatsApp Apk (For Android)

App Name DMWhatsApp Apk
Publisher APK GURU
Genre Communication
Size 33 MB
Latest Version v2.20.198.5
Required 4.4 +
MOD For Android
Developer Sam Ansari
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Update 2 hours ago
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New mods are released every year for Whatsapp. They all offer some customization choices that you might have not seen for regular Whatsapp. The DMWhatsapp Apk is one such mod that are a newer and improved version for the chatting app having several options. It is developed by a third party and not by the official WhatsApp team. These mods are created by independent developers and claim to offer additional features beyond the standard version of WhatsApp.

Some of these features may include customization options, privacy settings, and enhanced messaging features. But if you want to know all about it in detail, then this guide explains it all for you.

What is DMWhatsapp Apk?

DMWhatsApp Apk is a modified version of the original WhatsApp that offers advanced features and is essential for individuals who wish to communicate with their loved ones through mobile phones without incurring SMS costs. The app provides an obscure theme that is less aggressive to the user and offers almost similar features compared to other mods.

What sets it apart is its home screen, which contains darker lines and panels that can be added to the dark mode. The app also offers a really soft and easy-on-the-eyes dark design theme.

What is DMWhatsapp Mod Apk?

The Mod Apk is an enhanced version of this app. One of the standout features of DMWhatsApp Mod Apk is its privacy settings found in the main menu. With the use of these settings, users may manage privacy-related aspects such as who can view their online status or check their messages, how and when messages and statuses are shared, and how often.

It is important to note that these settings only affect messages shared with other contacts and not those managed by WhatsApp Inc.

What Are Best Features Of the DMWhatsapp Mod Apk?

Here is a list of features that you will get.

Dark Mode

DMWhatsApp offers a dark mode feature that changes the background color of the app to a darker shade, making it easier on the eyes and more battery-friendly.

Available all Features of GB MOD

DMWhatsApp includes all the features offered by GBWhatsApp, another popular WhatsApp mod.

Download Free Amazing

This feature may refer to the ability to download and use a wide range of stickers, emoticons, and other multimedia content.

WhatsApp Pay

This feature allows users to send and receive money through the WhatsApp application. The app supports a variety of languages, making it accessible to users around the world.

Dual/Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

DMWhatsApp supports the use of multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device, allowing users to manage separate accounts for personal and work use.

Increased File Sharing Limits

This app allows users to send larger files, such as videos or documents, than the original WhatsApp application's limits.

Message Forwarding Limits

Some WhatsApp mods may allow users to forward messages to a larger number of contacts at once than the original WhatsApp application.

Removal of Read Receipts

This WhatsApp mod allows users to disable read receipts, which indicate when a message has been read by the recipient.

Customized Notification Settings

This WhatsApp mod allows users to customize notification settings for individual contacts or groups, including custom ringtones and vibrations.

What's New In DMWhatsapp Mod Apk?

Some of the newest features that this mod offers are:

  • The option to hide the recording status when sending a voice message, preventing contacts from knowing when you are recording a message.
  • The ability to enable a password or pin lock to protect chats and ensure privacy.
  • Amazing tick styles for read and delivery receipts, allowing users to customize how their messages appear to contacts.
  • Cool launcher icons for the app, providing a more visually appealing experience.
  • The option to change the notify-bar icon to differentiate DMWhatsApp from the original WhatsApp application.
  • Multi gif providers that allow users to choose from a variety of gif providers and easily share them with contacts.

· The ability to change the video player within the app, allowing users to use their preferred video player for viewing videos shared on the app.


This guide explains all about DMWhatsapp Apk, which is a newer version of the Whatsapp app. It allows great features to be used by a single user. DMWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp that offers WhatsApp Pay, dark mode, and customization options. It also allows users to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device and supports various languages.


Is DMWhatsapp Apk Useful?

Yes, DMWhatsapp is a great app that can be useful for texting, calling, and media sharing.

Is it safe?

It is considered safe, but you should always be careful while downloading such mods from third party websites.

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