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App Name Dead Target
Publisher APK GURU
Genre Action
Size 144.6 MB
Latest Version 4.96.0
Required 4.4+
MOD Free
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Dead Target MOD APK

Dead Target MOD APK is one of the best FPS games developed by famous gaming studio VING Game Studios. Due to super-cool Gaming Plot along with User Engaging features, Dead Target has recorded more than 70 million downloads on Google Play Store.

Well Dead Target MOD APK involves a scary game scenario after World War III when a major part of the population turned into deadly Zombies due to the usage of Biological Weapons. Now you are going to collect the Leads of this destruction to save the World.

Now Dead Target MOD APK's latest version is out in the market and you can download this Cracked Edition from the Downloading Links given below. You will get Unlimited Money and Unlimited Gold in Dead Target MOD APK  for Free.

What’s New in Dead Target MOD APK

Dead Target Mod APK 4.61.0 brings a number of new features that are not available in the Original Version of this game. Players now enjoy Upgraded 3D graphics to experience more realistic gaming sessions. Moreover, the weapons are also upgraded and available in a wide range.

Now you can join a huge Online Gaming Community and also play this game with your best buddies. Dead Target Mod APK 4.61.0 also offers Improved Performance in terms of running time and loading of Maps. The other features of Dead Target MOD APK are given below.

  • Upgraded 3D Graphics
  • Upgraded Weapons & Gadgets
  • Leaderboard
  • 500 Battles in Different Maps
  • Improved Performance
  • New Daily Gifts

Dominating Features of Dead Target MOD APK

If you think Dead Target MOD APK is a typical Zombies Killing game then you are wrong as Dead Target features a way more better and engaging gaming plot for all players. Let’s take an in-depth view of the amazing features of Dead Target MOD APK.

Dead Target features the World War III scenario that happened in 2040. Mankind on earth completely changed due to the epic War. People are fleeing their homes to save their lives but destruction is increasing by each coming day.

Countries battling on frontlines use different tactics to defeat their enemies and suddenly an unknown country use Biological Weapons and as a result, mankind started to turn into Zombies and you are among the last Survivor on Earth.

A huge responsibility lies on your shoulder as you have to fight Zombies to maintain the Legacy of Humans on Earth. However, it is no an easy task as Zombies are everywhere and you have to adopt the best-surviving strategy to stay alive and answer their sudden attacks.

For this purpose, you have to prepare yourself for the worst. So pick up your Weapon and accept the Ultimate Zombie Shooting Challenge. You can use different Powerful Weapons and upgrade your Shooting skills to bring accuracy to your Aim.

Dead Target features an in-depth gaming plot and you have to face different kinds of Deadly Zombies. Each zombie is equipped with unique powers and abilities and you have to prepare yourself to face them all during a single face-off. As the game progress, you will face more powerful and strong Zombies.

Here you need to use upgraded Weapons and Armor to protect yourself from their attacks. Moreover, you will also face Giant Zombie Bosses on different levels. Players can use Two Weapons at the same time but you have to collect multiple Weapons to deal with different types of Zombies.

Each Weapon comes out with unique Shooting Power and Range. You can use Assault Rifles to kill zombies for Distance and use Rocket Launcher to hit the upcoming wave of Zombies. To upgrade your Character and Weapons, you have to collect different Useful Items during your journey in this game.

Players can also pick different Challenges to earn some quick rewards like unlocking different weapons and armors. Dead Target Mod APK offers Real-Time Map and you can move your character according to the Map to unlock different hidden worlds.

You can battle Zombies in Buildings, Open Grounds, and even on Roads. Moreover, Dead Target features 500 Battles on Different Maps and you can unlock them all easily. In addition, Dead Target offers both Online and Offline Mode Gaming features. Players can play this game offline on their mobile phones. However, your progress in-game is only Saved during Online gaming sessions.

Always remember you are not alone in this battle as Dead Target holds a Huge Online Gaming Community. You can join other online gamers to face zombies and shoot them together. You can also challenge Online gamers in different Zombie Shooting Challenges.

Moreover, you can also join Global Leaderboard and you can also achieve high ranks but it depends on your Shooting Skills. You can compare your statistics with other players and write your name in the Hall of Fame by killing countless Zombies.

Despite having Premium Gaming features, Dead Target is still Free to Play video game and you can easily download this game for Google Play Store. All you have to install the latest version of Dead Target and start enjoying this game on your Android Devices.

Dead Target Mod APK features Unity Engine 4.0 platform which ensures High-Quality Graphics with smooth play regardless of your playing devices. . Players can enjoy some quality of Graphics on all kinds of compatible devices.

Apart from Impressive Visual effects, Dead Target MOD APK also offers powerful and amazing Sound Effects. You can enjoy impactful background shooting effects and you can also adjust Sound Effects from the Setting option.

Dead Target MOD APK

Why Download Dead Target MOD APK

Dead Target MOD APK is free to play a video game and you can easily download this game from Google Play Store. However, some of the features of this game are Locked and you cannot enjoy them unless you install the latest version of this game.

In order to enjoy all Premium Features of Dead Target such as Unlimited Gold and Unlimited Money for Free, you have to download Dead Target MOD APK for the links given below. We ensure that our Downloading links are 100% secure and work effectively with all Compatible devices.

  • Latest Complete Cracked Version
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Ads-Free
  • Unlocked All Weapons
  • Unlock all Locations
  • Bugs Free
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